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Number 20: More Effectively Utilizing Information Technology Resources to Drive Cost Savings in State Government

WHEREAS, as Governor, I am committed to making State government more efficient and cost-effective;

WHEREAS, every Department and Agency within the Executive Branch (collectively, "Executive Branch Agencies") and the services they provide should be integrated as an enterprise, working together to support Delaware citizens as one organization with overall goals and objectives;

WHEREAS, information technology ("IT") is fundamental to many aspects of state government including strengthening economic development, expanding education opportunities and providing the most efficient delivery of services to the citizens of Delaware;

WHEREAS, historically the State's IT resources have been largely decentralized, in part, due to the concern from agencies that their needs would not be met by a more consolidated or centralized approach;

WHEREAS, consolidating the State's information technology operations and services must not result in diminished IT service and capacity for Executive Branch Agencies that deliver important services to Delaware citizens;

WHEREAS, consolidating the State's information technology operations and services will allow the State to leverage investments, combine data collection, develop shared applications, accelerate the use of electronic forms, use enterprise-wide licensing software, and create other efficiencies; and

WHEREAS, by reducing redundancy, improving service delivery, and reducing IT costs, consolidation of the State's information technology resources will provide enhanced and more cost-effective services to Delaware's citizens.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JACK A. MARKELL, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby DECLARE and ORDER that:

1. The Department of Technology and Information ("DTI") shall conduct a detailed review of each Executive Branch Agency ("Agency"), in collaboration with each Agency, for the purposes of evaluating opportunities to consolidate the State's IT services and operations. Any consolidation shall be subject to federal or state law and shall otherwise provide for on-site and functional support of unique Agency applications, combining technology infrastructure for shared use and maximum efficiency while ensuring the continued support of business functions and processes. To help ensure that consolidating the State's information technology operations and services does not result in diminished IT service and capacity for Agencies that deliver important services to Delaware citizens, a Memorandum of Understanding between DTI and
each Agency shall be developed which enumerates the expectations and performance measures related to IT services for that Agency.

2. Information technology resources to be considered for consolidation include, but are not limited to, data centers, infrastructure, hardware, project management, telecommunications, web development, application development, help desk services, information security, and database administration. The consideration for consolidation will be based on several factors including, federal and state law, statewide cost savings, efficiency increases, and
best practices.

3. In conjunction with the Office of Management and Budget, DTI shall conduct an analysis of all technology-related expenditures for the purpose of centralizing IT funding for services identified for consolidation. This centralization of funding evaluation shall consider all available funding sources including those outside the State's General Fund.

4. In close consultation with the other Agencies, DTI shall develop a set of policies and procedures designed to manage external IT vendors, consultants, and contractors, including the development of a state-wide rate card.

5. To help maximize efficiencies and improve the quality of IT related purchases, any information technology related purchase in excess of $10,000 shall be sent to DTI prior to issuance of a purchase order or execution of a contract. In addition, DTI shall be consulted regarding the use of contractual resources for information technology initiatives and support in excess of $50,000 prior to the work commencing.

6. The Department of Technology and Information shall provide written status reports on consolidation to the Technology Investment Council and the Governor's Office on a regular basis. After DTI enters into a Memorandum of Understanding with an Agency, the status reports will also be provided to the affected Cabinet Secretaries for review and response.

7. No provision of this Order shall be intended to create any individual right or legal cause of action, which does not currently exist under State or Federal law.

APPROVED this 27th day of August, 2010

Jack Markell


14 DE Reg. 323 (10/01/10)