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Regulatory Flexibility Act Form
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Office of the Secretary

Statutory Authority: 14 Delaware Code, Section 122(a) (14 Del.C. §122(a))
14 DE Admin. Code 1001



Education Impact Analysis Pursuant to 14 Del.C. Section 122(d)

1001 Participation in Extra Curricular Activities

A. Type of Regulatory Action Required

Repeal of Existing Regulation


The Secretary of Education intends to repeal 14 DE Admin. Code 1001 Participation in Extra Curricular Activities. This regulation is being repealed because it is no longer necessary. Academic eligibility criteria for middle and high school students' participation in extracurricular activities is established by the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) Board and Delaware public schools, including school districts and charter schools, are required to comply with such requirements pursuant to 14 Del.C. §304(3).

In accordance with 14 Del.C. §122(d), the Department is required to perform and issue a written educational impact analysis of any new proposed regulation and of any regulation that is proposed to be continued. Because this regulation is proposed to be repealed, the Department is not required to perform and issue a written educational impact analysis.

Persons wishing to present their views regarding this matter may do so in writing by submitting them to the Department of Education, Office of the Secretary, Attn: Regulation Review, 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, Delaware 19901 or through the Department's online submission form at by the close of business (4:30 p.m. EST) on or before December 1, 2023. Any person who wishes to receive a copy of the proposed regulation may obtain a copy from the Department at the Office of the Secretary on the second floor of the Townsend Building, 401 Federal Street, Dover, Delaware.

1001 Participation in Extra Curricular Activities

1.0 Academic Eligibility Criteria

Local school districts and charter schools shall establish their own academic eligibility criteria for participation in all extra curricular activities except for interscholastic athletics. The academic eligibility criteria for interscholastic athletics is established in 14 DE Admin. Code 1009.2.6 DIAA Senior High School Interscholastic Athletics, and in 14 DE Admin. Code 1008.2.6 DIAA Junior High and Middle School Interscholastic Athletics.

Comment: In establishing and implementing academic eligibility criteria applicable to students with disabilities, districts are reminded that some flexibility may be contemplated by Federal guidelines. See 34 CFR Sec. 104.4.

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