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Statutory Authority: 7 Delaware Code, Section 6403 (7 Del.C. §6403)



502 Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan


Pursuant to 7 Del.C. §§ 6403, 6404, 6406 and other pertinent provisions of 7 Del.C. Ch. 64; the Delaware Solid Waste Authority ("DSWA") is proposing a new Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan (the "Plan") to replace the Plan adopted May 26, 1994.

Notice of Hearing: A public hearing will be held Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 5:30 p.m., in the DSWA board room located in the main administrative offices of the DSWA at 1128 South Bradford St., Dover, DE 19903. The hearing is to provide an opportunity for public comment on the proposed amendments.

Written Comments: The DSWA will receive written comments, suggestions briefs or other written material until the close of business, March 30, 2010. Written comments, suggestions, compilations of data or other written material shall be submitted to Michael D. Parkowski, Manager of Business Services and Government Relations, Delaware Solid Waste Authority, 1128 South Bradford Street, PO Box 455, Dover, Delaware 19903. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy of the proposed amendments may obtain a copy from the Delaware Solid Waste Authority, 1128 South Bradford Street, PO Box 455, Dover, Delaware 19903, (302) 739-5361.

Summary of Proposed Changes: Pursuant to 7 Del.C. Ch. 64, the DSWA is charged with developing the Plan and amending the Plan as necessary. The Plan was last adopted in 1994 and the DSWA has determined that the passage of time and changes in circumstances require wholesale revisions to all facets of the existing Plan. The DSWA therefore is proposing to replace the 1994 Plan in its entirety. If adopted, the Plan will establish policies and goals for statewide solid waste disposal and will identify the programs necessary to implement these policies and goals. The Plan is intended to address the roles and responsibilities of DSWA and other stakeholders in solid waste disposal and recycling diversion activities as they relate to both public bodies (State, counties, municipalities) and private enterprise. The Plan is based on "Zero Waste" principles, which involves the design and management of products and processes to systematically reduce and eliminate the volume of waste and to maximize the conservation and recovery of resources.

13 DE Reg. 1147 (03/01/10) (Prop.)