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Professional Standards Board

Statutory Authority: 14 Delaware Code, Section 122(d) (14 Del.C. §122(d))
14 DE Admin. Code 1549


Regulatory Implementing Order

1549 Dance Teacher


I. Summary of the Evidence and Information Submitted

The Professional Standards Board, acting in cooperation and collaboration with the Department of Education, seeks the consent of the State Board of Education to adopt regulation DE Admin. Code 1549 Dance Teacher. This regulation concerns the requirements for certification of educational personnel, pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1220(a). It is necessary to adopt this regulation in order to broaden certification opportunities for educators in the areas of Visual and Performing Arts. This adopted regulation sets forth the requirements for a Dance Teacher.

Notice of the proposed adoption of the regulation was published in the News Journal and the Delaware State News on Friday November 30, 2007 in the form hereto attached as Exhibit “A”. The notice invited written comments. No written comments were received.

II. Findings of Facts

The Professional Standards Board and the State Board of Education find that it is appropriate to adopt this regulation to comply with changes in statute.

III. Decision to Amend the Regulation

For the foregoing reasons, the Professional Standards Board and the State Board of Education conclude that it is appropriate to adopt the regulation. Therefore, pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1205(b), the regulation attached hereto as Exhibit “B” is hereby adopted. Pursuant to the provision of 14 Del.C. §122(e), the regulation hereby adopted shall be in effect for a period of five years from the effective date of this order as set forth in Section V. below.

IV. Text and Citation

The text of the regulation adopted shall be in the form attached hereto as Exhibit “B”, and said regulation shall be cited as 14 DE Admin. Code 1549 of the Administrative Code of Regulations of the Department of Education.

V. Effective Date of Order

The effective date of this Order shall be ten (10) days from the date this Order is published in the Delaware Register of Regulations.


Kathleen Thomas, Chair

Cathy Cathcart

Joanne Christian

Marilyn Dollard

Sandra Falatek

Karen Gordon

Barbara Grogg

Leslie Holden

Lori Hudson

Dorothy McQuaid

Mary Mirabeau

Wendy Murray

Gretchen Pikus

Karen Schilling-Ross

Michael Thomas

Carol Vukelich


Valerie A. Woodruff, Secretary of Education



Jean W. Allen, President

Richard M. Farmer, Jr., Vice President

Mary B. Graham, Esquire

Jorge L. Melendez

Barbara Rutt

Dennis J. Savage

Dr. Terry M. Whittaker

1549 Dance Teacher

1.0 Content

1.1 This regulation shall apply to the issuance of a Standard Certificate, pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1220(a), for Dance Teacher. This certification is required for grades 9 to12, and is valid in grades 5 to 8 in a Middle Level school.

1.2 Except as otherwise provided, the requirements set forth in 14 DE Admin. Code 1505 Standard Certificate, including any subsequent amendment or revision thereto, are incorporated herein by reference.

2.0 Definitions

2.1 The definitions set forth in 14 DE Admin. Code 1505 Standard Certificate, including any subsequent amendment or revision thereto, are incorporated herein by reference.

2.2 The following words and terms, when used in this regulation, shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

Approved Accrediting Agencymeans a National, Regional, or Specialized Accrediting agency or association that appears on the list of recognized accrediting agencies published by the United States Secretary of Education or any other accrediting agency the Delaware Secretary of Education, deems within his or her discretion, to be reliable or be equivalent to those on the published list.

Accredited institution means an institution that has received accreditation from an approved accrediting agency.

3.0 Standard Certificate

3.1 In accordance with 14 Del.C. §1220(a), the Department shall issue a Standard Certificate as a Dance Teacher to an educator who has met the following:

3.1.1 Holds a valid Delaware Initial, Continuing, or Advanced License; or a Limited Standard, Standard or Professional Status Certificate issued by the Department prior to August 31, 2003; and,

3.1.2 Has met the requirements as set forth in 14 DE Admin. Code 1505 Standard Certificate, including any subsequent amendment or revision thereto; and,

3.1.3 Has satisfied the additional requirements in this regulation.

4.0 Additional Requirements

If an examination of content knowledge such as Praxis II is not applicable and available, in the area the Standard Certificate is requested, an educator must also meet the following:

4.1 If the educator is applying for their second Standard Certificate pursuant to 14 DE Admin. Code 1505 Standard Certificate 3.1.5;

4.1.1 Has satisfactorily completed fifteen (15) credits or their equivalent in professional development related to Dance, selected by the applicant with the approval of the employing school district or charter school which is submitted to the Department; or

4.1.2 Has obtained certification in Dance from an accredited institution.

11 DE Reg. 718 (12/01/07)
11 DE Reg. 1234 (03/01/08) (Final)