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Division of Transportation Solutions

Traffic Operation Section

Statutory Authority: 21 Delaware Code, Section 4505(d)(1) (21 Del.C. §4505(d)(1))



Senate Bill 89 as amended by Senate Amendment 1 - Northbound Rogers Road (N369)

December 2, 2022

Yvette Smallwood

Registrar of Regulations

411 Legislative Avenue

Dover, DE 19901

Ms. Smallwood,

The Delaware General Assembly introduced Senate Bill 89 as amended by Senate Amendment 1 on March 18, 2021. The legislation which relates to traffic control devices for size and weight of vehicles and loads was subsequently signed by Governor Carney on June 30, 2021.

The legislation, which amends §4505 of Title 21 of the Delaware Code, provides as follows:

§4505. Traffic control devices.

(d)(1) The Secretary of the Department shall submit an order issued under subsection (c) of this section to the Registrar of Regulations for publication in the Register of Regulations. The Secretary shall also publish the order on the Department's website with other similar orders.

In accordance with 21 Del. C. §4505(d)(1), notice is hereby given by the Delaware Department of Transportation, Traffic Operation Section, as approved and ordered by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation pursuant to 21 Del. C. §4505(c), for the following temporary traffic control device for the safe movement of traffic in the area:

"Trailers, semi-trailers, and recreational trailers unattached to a motor vehicle, shall be prohibited from stopping, standing, or parking" on northbound Rogers Road (N369) between SR9 New Castle Avenue (N19) and Hastie Drive (N24)

Please accept this notification by the Delaware Department of Transportation in order to publish the information in the Register of Regulations.

Thank you,
Peter Haag, P.E., PTOE
Chief of Traffic Engineering
26 DE Reg. 628 (01/01/23) (Gen. Notice)