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Division of Professional Regulation

700 Board of Chiropractic

Statutory Authority: 24 Delaware Code, Sections 706(a)(1) and (10) (24 Del.C. ยง706(a)(1) and (10))
24 DE Admin. Code 700


700 Board of Chiropractic

*Please Note: The Final Regulation for 700 Board of Chiropractic that was published in the June 1, 2011 issue of the Delaware Register of Regulations (14 DE Reg. 1396) inadvertently contained a typographical error by failing to indicate a deletion. The affected Section is reprinted below showing the deletion. The effective date of the regulation remains the same.

700 Board of Chiropractic

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7.0 Consulting

A Chiropractor licensed in another state, but not licensed in the State of Delaware may only practice chiropractic within the State of Delaware in consultation with a duly Delaware licensed Chiropractor for not more than ten (10) consultations in any twelve (12) month period. The which consultations shall be limited to examination, recommendation, or testimony in litigation. The Delaware licensed Chiropractor must inform the Board that a consulting Chiropractor is consulting with them and inform the Board of the terms of the consulting agreement.

*Please Note: The full text of the final regulation is not being republished. Please see 14 DE Reg. 1396 for the final amendments to 700 Board of Chiropractic, as published in June 2011. The current 700 Board of Chiropractic is available at:

21 DE Reg. 520 (01/01/18) (Errata)