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Division of Professional Regulation

Board of Electrical Examiners

Statutory Authority: 24 Delaware Code, Section 1406(a)(1) (24 Del.C. §1406(a)(1))
24 DE Admin. Code 1400



1400 Board of Electrical Examiners

Pursuant to 24 Del.C. §1406(a)(1), the Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners ("Board") has proposed revisions to its Rules and Regulations. The Board proposes these amendments to advance its primary objective, which is to protect the general public, specifically those persons who are the direct recipients of electrical services, regulated by 24 Del.C., Ch. 14.
Amendments are proposed to Regulation 3.4 because the current Regulation contains inaccurate statutory references and because upon the creation of the journeyperson and apprentice license categories, the pertinent regulations were not also updated. The proposed amendment corrects the statutory reference and clarifies how and from whom journeyperson and apprentice electricians may accumulate the qualifying experience required to obtain more senior licenses under 24 Del.C. §1408(a).
Amendments are proposed to Regulation 7.2 to provide definition of what it means for an apprentice electrician to be enrolled in an apprentice program approved by the Board as provided in 24 Del.C. §1408(a)(7). The Board seeks to ensure that apprentice electricians are making appropriate and regular strides toward the next stage of their professional development.
Amendments are proposed to Regulation 11.0 to provide definition of what it means for a license to be "current" and what factors the Board will consider in deciding whether a state's licensing requirements are "substantially similar" to those of Delaware in the context of applications for license by reciprocity under 24 Del.C. §1409. The amendments provide clarity for the Board and applicants regarding the process and requirements for reciprocal admission.
Amendments are proposed to Regulations 1.3, 6.1, 8.4 and 12.1 to include licensed residential electricians among the excepted license categories for requirements pertaining to vehicle lettering, insurance, continuing education, and inspection requests. When the residential electrician license category was created by statute, the corresponding regulations were not updated. It has come to the attention of the Board that certain residential electricians have sought inspection by licensed inspection agencies. The amendment clarifies that doing so is outside the scope of a residential electrician's license defined by 24 Del.C. §1422A.
Additional revisions are technical and style changes consistent with the Delaware Administrative Code Drafting and Style Manual.
These amendments were published on page 414 of the December 1, 2023 issue of the Delaware Register of Regulations (27 DE Reg. 414 (12/01/23)). The Board planned to hold a hearing on January 3, 2024 at 8:30 a.m., but the hearing was cancelled. As a result, the Board will now hold a public hearing on March 6, 2024, at 8:30 a.m. in conference room A on the second floor of the Cannon Building, 861 Silver Lake Boulevard, Dover, Delaware. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the proposed rules and regulations may obtain a copy from the Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners, 861 Silver Lake Boulevard, Dover, Delaware 19904. Persons wishing to submit written comments may forward these to the Board at the above address or to
In accordance with 29 Del.C. §10118(a), the final date to receive written comments will be March 21, 2024. The Board will deliberate on all the public comments at its regularly scheduled meeting thereafter.
27 DE Reg. 623 (02/01/24) (Gen. Notice)