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Division of Planning and Policy

Statutory Authority: 17 Delaware Code, Sections 132(e), 507, 508 and 29 Delaware Code,
Section 8404(8)
(17 Del.C. §§132(e), 507 & 508; 29 Del.C. §8404(8))
2 DE Admin. Code 2309



2309 Development Coordination Manual

Pursuant to the authority provided by 17 Del.C. §§132(e), 507, and 508, as well as 29 Del.C. §8404(8), the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) adopted the Development Coordination Manual.

The Department, through its Division of Planning and Public Policy, seeks to adopt general revisions to its existing regulations, the Development Coordination Manual, to address procedural changes, add or modify technical requirements, clarify and amend design criteria, and generally clarify the role of external technical references and guidance materials (as supporting documentation for design firms that are implementing the regulations). These collective changes are both technical and administrative in nature and serve in part to clarify the intent of the Department as enacted through these regulations.

Public Comment Period

DelDOT will take written comments on these proposed general revisions to Section 2309 of Title 2, Delaware Administrative Code, from February 1, 2016 through March 2, 2016. The public may submit their comments to:

Marc Coté, P.E., Assistant Director, Planning Development Coordination via email

( or in writing to his attention,

Division of Planning

Delaware Department of Transportation

P.O. Box 778

Dover, DE 19903


Please Note: Due to the size of the proposed regulation it is not being published here. The following links to the proposed regulation are provided below:

Preface (

Chapter 1 Access Standards (

Chapter 2 Traffic Analysis and Improvements (

Chapter 3 Record Plan Design (

Chapter 4 Construction Plans (

Chapter 5 Design Elements (

Chapter 6 Construction Administration (

Chapter 7 Residential Access (

Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Access Guidelines (

Chapter 9 Manual Updates (

19 DE Reg. 737 (02/01/16) (Prop.)