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Division of Planning and Policy

Statutory Authority: 17 Delaware Code, Sections 131, 146 and 508 (17 Del.C. §§131, 146 & 508)
2 DE Admin. Code 2309



2309 Standards and Regulations for Subdivision Streets and State Highway Access


The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), through its Division of Planning, seeks to adopt significant general revisions to its existing regulations regarding subdivisions streets and state highway access, to broaden the title of the regulations to "Development Coordination Manual," among several other changes.

The current regulations were generally enacted in 2007, and were revised in partial form in 2010 and are being repealed in their entirety. The proposed regulations are a comprehensive re-write of the entire Section 2309 of Title 2 of the Delaware Administrative Code. The changes take into account the issues and concerns identified and addressed as needing amendment by not only DelDOT staff, but also the end users of the current regulations.

The draft regulations were published at 17 DE Reg. 1055 (05/01/14), and written comments were sought. In addition, DelDOT held three public hearings regarding the proposed regulations, the notice for which appeared in 17 DE Reg. 1204 (06/01/14). These hearings were conducted on June 9, June 16, and June 23, 2014, in Kent, Sussex, and New Castle Counties respectively.

Based on the comments received, as well as additional review and input within the Department, DelDOT is now seeking additional comments regarding substantive changes made in the draft regulations issued May 1, 2014. Therefore, the regulations are being reproposed.

The Department is also publishing another version of the draft regulations at its own website, which will show the changes between the version first proposed in 17 DE Reg. 1055 and the current proposed revisions to that draft. This version can be seen at Suggested Changes to the Proposed Development Coordination Manual with full link text:

The Department will take comments on the Regulations through December 31, 2014. The public may submit their comments to Marc Coté, P.E., Assistant Director for Development Coordination, via email ( or in writing to his attention, Division of Planning, DelDOT, P.O. Box 778, Dover, DE 19903.

Please Note: Due to the size of the proposed regulation it is not being published here. The following links to the several parts of the proposed regulation are provided below:

Preface (

Chapter 1 Access Standards (

Chapter 2 Traffic Analysis and Improvements (

Chapter 3 Record Plan Design (

Chapter 4 Construction Plans (

Chapter 5 Design Elements (

Chapter 6 Construction Administration (

Chapter 7 Residential Access (

Chapter 8 Miscellaneous Access Guidelines (

18 DE Reg. 455 (12/01/14) (Prop.)