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Statutory Authority: 24 Delaware Code, Section 1406(a)(1) (24 Del.C. §1406(a)(1)) 24 DE Admin. Code 1400



The Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners in accordance with 24 Del.C. §1406(a)(1) has proposed changes to its rules and regulations to modify the continuing education submission procedure.

A public hearing will be held at 9:00 a.m. on January 4, 2005 in the second floor conference room A of the Cannon Building, 861 Silver Lake Boulevard, Dover, Delaware where members of the public can offer comments. Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the proposed rules and regulations may obtain a copy from the Delaware Board Electrical Examiners, 861 Silver Lake Blvd, Cannon Building, Suite 203, Dover DE 19904. Persons wishing to submit written comments may forward these to the Board at the above address. The final date to receive written comments will be at the public hearing.

The Board will consider promulgating the proposed regulations at its regularly scheduled meeting following the public hearing.

Proposed Rules and Regulations

7.0 Expiration and Renewal.

7.1 The biennial licenses granted by the Board shall automatically terminate on June 30th of each even numbered year or on such other date as is specified by the Division of Professional Regulation. It is the responsibility of the licensee to file a renewal application with the Board. The failure of the Board to notify a licensee of his/her expiration date does not in any way relieve the licensee of the requirements of filing a renewal application with the Board. Beginning in 2006, license renewal may be accomplished online at

7.2 As a condition of renewal, each applicant must show proof of continuing education as required in the Rules and Regulations. Extra continuing education hours do not carry over to the next licensing period. Renewal applications will be audited by the Board for compliance with the continuing education requirements.

7.3 A license is expired when a licensee has failed to either complete the requirements for renewal or obtain permission for inactive status. A licensee may activate an expired license within one year of the date the renewal application was due by meeting all requirements and paying an additional fee set by the Division of Professional Regulation.

7.4 A licensee with a valid license may request in writing to be placed on inactive status. An inactive status can be effective for up to two years and renewed biennially by application to the Division upon proof of 10 hours of continuing education. Said license may be reactivated by the Board upon written request, proof of insurance, and payment of a prorated fee to be computed by the Division of Professional Regulation.

7.5 A licensee is not authorized to work as a licensed electrician in this State during the period of inactive status.

7.6 An individual whose license has expired for more than one year must reapply as a new applicant. Any prior training and experience satisfies can be used to satisfy the requirements under 24 Del.C. §1408(a). However, the applicant must take the examination required by §1408(5) again and achieve a passing score unless he or she previously passed an approved licensure test that covered the National Electric Code that is the standard in Delaware at the time of the new application .

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9 DE Reg. 260 (8/1/05)

8.0 Continuing Education

8.1 Continuing education (CE) is required of all licensees and proof shall be submitted to the Board completed by April June 30 of any year after 2000 in which a license is to be renewed. For example, if a license must be renewed June 30, 2001, the proof of completion of CE is due on April 30, 2001. A licensee who has submitted CE hours that are not allowed will be notified so that he or she may obtain replacement CE before the June 30 expiration of the license.

8.1.1 Proof of continuing education is satisfied with an attestation by the licensee that he or she has satisfied the requirements of Rule 8.0.

8.1.2 Attestation may be completed electronically if the renewal is accomplished online. In the alternative, paper renewal documents that contain the attestation of completion can be submitted.

8.1.3 Licensees selected for random audit will be required to supplement the attestation with attendance verification pursuant to Rule 8.5.

8.2 Courses must be approved by the Board in order to qualify as CE. Approved courses appear on the website of the Division of Professional Regulation at Licensees may also contact the Administrative Assistant of the Board at the Division of Professional Regulation to determine whether particular courses have been approved.

8.2.1 Courses shall be designed to maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills of licensees related to providing electrical services.

8.2.2 Sponsors or licensees can obtain Board approval of courses at any time by completing a form approved by the Board and including a course outline with the number of classroom hours and name the curriculum vitae or resume of the instructor.

8.2.3 Sponsors or licensees seeking pre-approval should submit the request as provided in 8.1.2 at least 60 days before the CE course is being offered.

8.2.4 Approval of CE automatically expires on September 1, 2002 and every three years thereafter on each September 1. A sponsor or licensee must reapply for approval as provided in 8.2.12.

8.3 Licensees shall complete 10 hours of approved CE during each renewal period with the following exceptions - a person licensed less than one year does not need to complete CE at the first renewal; a person licensed one year but less than two years must submit 5 CE hours at the first renewal. Beginning with the licensee’s second renewal, 5 of the 10 CE hours required for renewal must be related to the National Electrical Code.

8.4 The Board may consider a waiver of CE requirements or acceptance of partial fulfillment based on the Board’s review of a written request with supporting documentation of hardship.

8.5 A log of CE on a form approved by the Board shall be maintained and submitted. Documentation of the CE should not be routinely sent with the log but must be retained during the licensure period to be submitted if the renewal application is selected for CE audit. Random audits will be performed by the Board to ensure compliance with the CE requirements. Licensees selected for the random audit shall submit attendance verification.

8.5.1 The Board will notify licensees within sixty (60) days after June 30 that they have been selected for audit.

8.5.2 Licensees selected for random audit shall be required to submit verification within ten (10) days of receipt of notification of selection for audit.

4 DE Reg. 1788 (5/1/01)

*Please Note: As the rest of the sections were not amended they are not being published. A complete set of the rules and regulations for the Board of Electrical Examners is available at:

9 DE Reg. 949 (12/01/05) (Prop.)