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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 14700

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1.0 Payment of Substitutes for Teachers

1.1 State substitute teacher funds may be used to pay substitutes for state-funded teachers when the state-funded teachers are unavailable for duty under the provisions of 14 Del.C. §1318, 14 Del.C. §1333, 29 Del.C. §5524 and 29 Del.C. §5933 (for sick leave calculations for teachers qualifying for workers’ compensation).

1.2 Substitutes for state-funded teachers may also be paid from state substitute teacher funds for:

1.2.1 Military leave for training or duty not in excess of 15 working days per year.

1.2.2 Teachers participating in Department of Education led professional learning and project assignments.

1.3 Substitutes for state-funded teachers who are absent without pay may be charged to state funds.

1.4 Substitutes for teachers who are paid from federal funds shall be paid from federal funds from the federal program involved or local funds.

1.5 Substitutes for teachers who are paid from local funds shall be paid from local funds.

1.6 Substitutes for teachers who are paid from state funds for a fractional part of a state teacher unit and a fractional part from other funds shall be paid on the same proportional basis.

1.7 Substitutes for teachers who are on paid leave for birth of a child or adoption of a child may be funded at the rates provided in 14 Del.C. §1326, including applicable other employment costs.

1.8 Substitutes shall be paid from state substitute teacher funds in the amounts authorized for the various classes of substitutes as provided for in 14 Del.C. §1326. School districts paying more for teacher substitutes than prescribed in 14 Del.C. §1326 shall do so from local or federal funds. Federal funds may be used only if the federal program permits that use.

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