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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 14400

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1.0 Minor Capital Improvement Program

1.1 The Minor Capital Improvement (MCI) Program is a program which provides for the planned and programmed maintenance and repair of the school plant. The program's primary purpose is to keep real property assets in their original condition of completeness and efficiency on a scheduled basis. It is not for increasing the plant inventory or changing its composition. Minor Capital Improvement projects cost less than $750,000 unless the project is for roof repair. The MCI program shall be reviewed annually by the school district and should be comprised of work necessary for good maintenance practice.

1.2 Minor Capital Improvement Purchase Orders shall be reviewed and approved by both the Department of Education and the Office of Management and Budget prior to submission to the Division of Accounting. (One copy of the approved purchase order should be retained by the district for their information and record.)

1.3 Use of Funds: The following areas are authorized for the expenditure of MCI funds: maintenance, repairs, modernization, inspections, testing, maintenance agreements and service contracts related to: roofs, heating systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, plumbing and water systems, electrical systems, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, masonry, structural built in equipment, painting, fire suppression and life safety systems, security systems installation and maintenance, school grounds, athletic facilities and playgrounds, office equipment used for instructional purposes only and renovations, alterations and modernizations that do not require major structural changes.

1.4 Exclusions: Funds allocated for a specific project shall be used only for that project. Program funds may not be used for the following: movable equipment other than office equipment used for instructional purposes that is transported from one location to another, routine janitorial supplies, new construction that increases the area of a building or extends any of its component systems, site improvements that add to or extend the existing roadways or sidewalks, surfacing a non-surfaced area for parking, completing major construction projects or specific items omitted or deleted from major construction projects or floor space allocated according to formula and used otherwise.

1.5 Invoices: Invoices shall be approved by both the Department of Education and the Office of Management and Budget prior to submission to the Division of Accounting for processing. Payments may be made as the project progresses or after work has been completed and accepted, as warranted by the nature and scope of the individual project(s).

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2.0 Career Technical Program Equipment Replacement Requests

2.1 Replacement of Career Technical Program Equipment may be accomplished using MCI Vocational Education Replacement funds.

2.2 Career Technical Program Equipment is defined as either a movable or fixed unit but not a built in unit. In addition, the equipment shall retain its original shape and appearance with use, be nonexpendable, and represent an investment which makes it feasible and advisable to capitalize and not lose its identity through incorporation into a different or more complex unit. Computers and computer peripheral equipment may be purchased using MCI Vocational Education Equipment Replacement Funds provided such equipment purchased with such funds is used in a vocational education setting for the service life of said equipment.

2.2.1 In order to replace Career Technical Program Equipment, the equipment must have a unit cost of $500 or more, be obsolete or more than five (5) years old, and be purchased with state, state and local or local funds.

2.3 Funds shall be allocated based on the percentage of a district's Vocational Division II Units to the total of such units of all participating districts. This percentage is applied to the total funds available in a given year for Career Technical Program Equipment. Allocations for technical school districts do not require a local match.

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3.0 Purchase Orders

Funds may be expended as long as the appropriation is active and continuing as authorized through legislation, usually a three year period. Appropriations may be accumulated over those three years and expended for a major replacement when a sufficient balance is attained. Funds unexpended when the appropriation expires shall revert to the State unless properly continued through legislation, and in accordance with Office of Management and Budget requirements.

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4.0 Cost Limitations

The maximum cost of a MCI project is $750,000 except roof repairs and replacements which are not cost limited. Non-roof projects exceeding the ceiling shall be requested through the Major Capital request process.

18 DE Reg. 368 (11/01/14)


5.0 Temporary Employees

Workers may be hired under the MCI Program provided they are temporary hires and directly involved in the planning, constructing, or record maintenance of the construction project.

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