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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 14900

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A Delaware secondary credential is given to persons who satisfactorily pass a recognized secondary credential assessment approved by the Delaware Department of Education.

17 DE Reg. 724 (01/01/14)


1.0 Eligibility to take a secondary credential assessment

1.1 For persons 18 years of age or older, an applicant shall:

1.1.2 Be a resident of Delaware or, if a resident of another state, be currently employed in Delaware and have been so employed for a minimum of six months prior to taking the test; and

1.1.2 Certify under his or her signature on the secondary credential assessment application form that he or she is not enrolled in a public or non public school program.

1.2 For a person 16 or 17 years of age an applicant shall:

1.2.1 Seek a waiver of the 18 years of age requirement by completing a written application to the Delaware Department of Education that includes showing good cause for taking the test early and designating where the test will be taken; and

1.2.2 Be a resident of the State of Delaware; and

1.2.3 Verify that they are at least 16 years of age at the time of the application for the waiver of the age requirement using a birth certificate, driver’s license, a State of Delaware Identification Card or other comparable and reliable documentation of age; and

1.2.4 Provide verification of withdrawal from the applicant’s public or non public school program; and

1.2.5 Provide a transcript from the applicant’s public or non public school program.

17 DE Reg. 724 (01/01/14)


2.0 Scores Required for a Delaware secondary Credential

An individual shall attain the minimum passing standard as approved by the Delaware Department of Education.

17 DE Reg. 724 (01/01/14)


3.0 Assessment Approval Process

3.1 The assessment provider must complete a DOE approved application. The application must include at minimum the following:

3.1.1 provider’s qualification and experience;

3.1.2 assessment content and form;

3.1.3 validation and norming processes;

3.1.4 assessment delivery;

3.1.5 technology processes;

3.1.6 security provisions;

3.1.7 accommodations processes;

3.1.8 assessment scoring and reporting processes;

3.1.9 assessment data access requirements;

3.1.10 practice test and supplementary instructional materials;

3.1.11 staff training;

3.1.12 alignment with college and career readiness standards and Delaware accountability system; and

3.1.13 cost and timeframe for implementation.

17 DE Reg. 724 (01/01/14)


4.0 Currently Recognized Assessments and Publication

4.1 The GED® Test has been previously approved and is a Department of Education recognized secondary credential assessment.

4.2 DOE will publish annually a list of approved assessments.

2 DE Reg. 375 (09/01/98

5 DE Reg. 1285 (12/01/01)

10 DE Reg. 862 (11/01/06)

15 DE Reg. 1008 (01/01/12)

17 DE Reg. 724 (01/01/14)


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