Statutory Authority: 14 Delaware Code, Section 4006(h)(1) (14 Del.C. §4006(h)(1))



Rule 12, Binding Grievance Arbitration

12.0 Binding Grievance Arbitration

PERB Arbitration Policy; Administration of Panel

12.1 Scope and Authority

12.2 Policy

12.3 Administrative Responsibilities

Panel of Arbitrators; Admission and Retention

12.4 Panel and Status of Members

12.5 Listing on the Panel; Criteria for Listing and Retention

12. 6 Inactive Status

Procedures for Arbitration Services

12.7 Freedom of Choice

12.8 Procedures for Requesting an Arbitrator

12.9 Arbitrability

12.10 Selection of Arbitrators

12.11 Conduct of Hearings

12.12 Decision and Award

12.13 Fees and Charges of Arbitrators

12.14 Reports and Biographical Sketches

Expedited Arbitration

12.15 Policy.

12.16 Procedures for Requesting Expedited Arbitration.

12.17 Arbitration Process.

12.18 Proper Use of Expedited Arbitration.

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7 DE Reg. 397 (10/01/03) (Prop.)