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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 730003900 Wildlife

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3900 Wildlife


1.1 For purposes of Regulations 1.0 through 22.0, the following words and phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

Administered by the Division shall mean owned, leased or licensed by the Division.

Antlered Deer shall mean any deer with one or more antlers three inches long or longer, measured from the base of the antler where it joins the skull to the tip of the antler following any curve of the antler.

Antlerless Deer shall mean any deer that has no antlers or antlers less than three inches in length.

Bait shall mean any nontoxic food material, compound or mixture of ingredients which wildlife is able to consume.

Baited Field shall include any farm field, woodland, marsh, water body or other tract of land where minerals, grain, fruit, crop or other nontoxic compounds have been placed to attract wildlife to be hunted.

Black Powder shall mean a manufacturer’s approved muzzleloading propellant.

Cable Restraintformerly referred to as “snare”, shall be considered a trapping device made of stranded steel cable with a minimum diameter of 5/64 inches. Cable restraints must be equipped with a relaxing-type lock. The cable may not exceed 7 feet in length from the anchor point to the relaxing lock and must be equipped with at least one swivel device, which allows for 360° rotation, between the loop and the anchor. The cable restraint must have stops affixed to the cable to ensure that the cable that makes up the loop may not have a circumference greater than 38 inches when fully open, or a circumference less than 6 ¼ inches when fully closed. Cable restraints with a maximum loop circumference of 12 ½ inches do not require cable stops. Cable restraints must be maintained in good condition so that all components operate properly.

Deer” shall mean white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and/or Sika deer (Cervus nippon).

Director shall mean the Director or Acting Director of the Division.

Division shall mean the Division of Fish and Wildlife of the Department.

Established Blind shall mean a structure or pit constructed for the purpose of hunting migratory waterfowl by a landowner on his or her property or by another person with the permission of the landowner or the landowner’s duly authorized agent.

Established Road shall mean a road maintained for vehicular use by the Division and designated for such use by the Division on current wildlife area maps.

Foothold Trap” formerly referred to as “leghold trap”, shall refer to a type of trap with a mechanism that is designed to catch and hold a mammal by one of its feet or legs.

Jaw Spread” shall mean the distance between the inside of both jaws, when measured across the trap jaws on a line perpendicular to a line drawn through the jaw pivot points when the trap is in the set position.

Liberated Game shall mean cottontail rabbits and game birds, including bobwhite quail, mallard duck, chukar and pheasant released pursuant to § 568 of Title 7.

Loaded Muzzle-Loading Rifle shall mean the powder and ball, bullet or shot is loaded in the bore. A muzzle-loading rifle shall not be considered loaded if the cap, primer, or priming powder (in a flintlock) is removed and:

The striking mechanism used to ignite the cap, primer or priming powder is removed or rendered inoperable; or

The rifle is enclosed in a case.

Lure shall mean any mixture of ingredients, element or compound that attract wildlife, but the wildlife is unlikely to consume.

Longbow shall mean a straight limb, reflex, recurve or compound bow. All crossbows or variations thereof and mechanical holding and releasing devices are expressly excluded from the definition.

Nongame Wildlife shall mean any native wildlife, including rare and endangered species, which are not commonly trapped, killed, captured or consumed, either for sport or profit.

Possession shall mean either actual or constructive possession of or any control over the object referred to.

Quality Buck shall mean an antlered deer with an outside antler spread of at least 15 inches. This measurement is taken across the outside of the main beams at their widest point; this measurement’s path must be perpendicular to the center line of the skull and parallel to the top of the skull plate.

Refuge shall mean an area of land, whether in public or private ownership, designated by the Department as a refuge. Land shall only be designated with the permission of the landowner and if such designation is thought to be in the best interest of the conservation of wildlife. Refuges shall normally be closed at all times to all forms of hunting, except as permitted by the Director in writing for wildlife management purposes.

Relaxing Lock” shall mean a device installed on a cable restraint that allows the loop to release constriction pressure on the captured animal when the cable is not taut and the animal stops pulling.

Roadway shall mean any road, lane or street, including associated right-of-ways, maintained by this State or any political subdivision of this State.

Season shall mean that period of time during which a designated species of wildlife may be lawfully hunted or a designated species of fish may be lawfully fished.

Vehicle shall include any means in or by which someone travels or something is carried or conveyed or a means of conveyance or transport, whether or not propelled by its own power.

Waterline” shall refer to beneath the surface of the water or below the mean high tide line in an area ordinarily subject to the rise and fall of the tide.

Wildlife shall mean any member of the animal kingdom, including without limitation, any amphibian, arthropod, bird, mammal or reptile.

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