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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative Code : Title 4

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1.0 Employing Persons Between the Ages of 16 and 18

1.1 No licensee shall employ, or allow to be employed on its licensed premises a person under the age of twenty-one, except that a hotel, restaurant, club or boat with authorized dining facilities, race track licensee, dinner theater, caterer, or bowling alley, may employ a person under the age of nineteen who has been issued a valid work permit under this rule or is employed in a capacity unrelated to the selling, serving, dispensing or handling of alcoholic liquor without a permit from the Commissioner, and that the on-premises as listed above may employ a person nineteen years of age or older to serve alcoholic liquors to its patrons without a permit from the Commissioner. A person employed, or allowed to work in a kitchen, dining room, or any room where alcoholic liquor is sold, served, dispensed, or consumed, is employed in a capacity related to the handling of alcoholic liquor. The permit shall be available on the premises of the licensee for inspection at all times during the employment of the minor.

1.2 Any person between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, unless except excepted by the above provisions of this Rule, who desires to be employed or allowed to be employed on a licensed premises, by a licensee, in any capacity on a regular, part time, or engagement basis, with or without compensation must first apply and, obtain a work permit from this Commissioner. Persons sixteen and seventeen years of age must first meet the requirements of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, and present eligibility slips and approval of the Department of Labor (these permits are obtained from the school attended, district wherein. the person resides or the Department of Labor). The Commissioner may consider, among other factors, the following:

1.2.1 The applicant's character and maturity.

1.2.2 The applicant's prior police record. No permit shall be issued to a person who has been convicted of any felony, sex offense, drug offense, or law concerning alcoholic beverages, since attaining the age of sixteen, and shall be revoked upon such conviction.

1.3 Such permit may be revoked for cause at any time; if unrevoked, it shall remain valid until the person becomes nineteen.

1.4 These permits issued to persons between the ages of sixteen and eighteen are for employment in on-licensed premises as listed in subsection 1.1, but will not permit such persons to be involved in the sale or service of alcoholic beverages. They may not solicit or take orders, serve or prepare alcoholic beverages. Said licenses will expire upon attaining the age of nineteen. On-Premises establishments as listed in subsection 1.1 may employ persons nineteen years of age or older without any permit from the Commissioner for purposes of soliciting and taking orders for, and serving alcoholic beverages, but said person shall not be permitted to engage in the preparation of alcoholic liquor.

1.5 Those persons sixteen and seventeen, if desirous of employment at more than one place of employ, must present Department of Labor school permit for each Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner permit issued. Such employees must have as many Department of Labor and Commissioner permits as places of employment. The signature of licensee hiring is necessary on each application, which also must be signed by parent, guardian, or, at the discretion of the Commissioner, other reputable person. Permits become void upon termination of employment at place for which permit was issued.

1.6 For those persons eighteen, unless excepted by the above provisions of this rule, after the first permit, the Commissioner will only require the signature of licensee where person is to be employed.

1.7 It is the licensee's responsibility to verify that the permit is a valid one. Failure to do so could result in suspension of the license or fine.

1.8 All permits will be issued only upon receipt by the Commissioner of an application in the form required by the Commissioner, including an affidavit in the following form executed by the person seeking the permit:



: SS



I have been duly sworn, do depose and say that:


1. I acknowledge that I have read the requirements of the Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner, stated below, and that I will not violate such requirements.


2. I am years of age, having been born on at

Birthdate Birthplace


3. I have been convicted of the following offenses:

If yes, explain


4. I will advise the Commissioner within two days if I am convicted of any other offense.


Sworn to and subscribed before me this day of , 20__ Signature of Applicant


1.9 The Commissioner's work permit is to be obtained by employee and given to employer at time of commencing work, who shall keep it as long as employee remains working at this establishment after which the permit is to be surrendered to the Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner by the employer. In the event employee secures work at another establishment, a new permit shall be applied for and secured from the Delaware Alcoholic Beverage Control Commissioner.

1.10 Employees under the age of nineteen years shall not receive orders for, serve alcoholic liquors, or be involved in the sale of alcoholic liquors in any way. This prohibition shall not apply to persons nineteen years of age or older who are employed in an on-premises as listed in subsection 1.1.

1.11 Employees, not of the legal drinking age, shall not work in any capacity behind a counter at which alcoholic liquors are located, may not mix alcoholic beverage drinks or draw beer from its dispenser.

19 DE Reg. 775 (02/01/16)




1.0 Definitions

"Retailer" means the person permitted to sell alcoholic liquors in a store in the State, not for consumption on the premises. 4 Del.C. §101. A natural person who is a sole proprietor, general partner, or owner of 25 percent or more of the issued and outstanding stock of a package store shall be considered as a "person" within the meaning of §101, for purposes of this Rule.

"Sell or serve alcoholic liquors" means acting in any manner toward a consumer which encourages, induces, or fosters the sale of any goods, whether or not they contain alcoholic liquor. The term includes, but is not limited to, advising consumers on the selection of goods, delivery of goods to consumers before payment, and ringing up sales. The term does not include stocking shelves, affixing price labels, and other acts not requiring direct contact with consumers, nor does it include assisting consumers in carrying parcels from the store when an in-store purchase has been completed. A minor shall not at any time be permitted unaccompanied access to the premises. In addition, a minor shall not participate in a curbside delivery transaction pursuant to 4 Del.C. §516 and 4 DE Admin. Code 910 either by completing a sales transaction or carrying a purchase from inside the store to a purchaser outside the store.

"Store" means an establishment licensed by the Commissioner only for the sale of alcoholic liquors for consumption off of the premises where sold.

26 DE Reg. 62 (07/01/22)


2.0 Permits Required; Standards

2.1 No retailer shall employ a person between the ages of 18 and 21 in their store unless the person between the ages of 18 and 21 shall first have been approved by the Commissioner and received a permit to work in the store.

2.2 The permit required by subsection 2.1 shall be issued upon application showing that:

2.2.1 The applicant is 18 years of age or older;

2.2.2 The applicant is a mature and responsible person; and

2.2.3 The applicant has not been the subject of any judicial or administrative proceedings by any federal, state or local governmental agency involving: Violations of laws or regulations respecting controlled substances; Violations of laws or regulations respecting alcoholic liquors; or Violations of criminal statutes carrying a penalty of incarceration of more than 1 year, whether or not a sentence of imprisonment was actually imposed.

2.3 Permits shall continue in full force and effect until the holder attains the age of 21 years, unless sooner revoked.


3.0 Application for Permit; Contents; Procedure

3.1 Any person who has reached the age of 18 years may apply to the Commissioner for a permit to work in a store.

3.2 The application shall state:

3.2.1 The name, address and date of birth of the applicant;

3.2.2 The name and address of the store where the applicant will be employed;

3.2.3 The name and address of the high school most recently attended by the applicant;

3.2.4 Any and all arrest and criminal or juvenile charges against the applicant, and their disposition, and all school disciplinary actions involving the applicant;

3.2.5 The names, addresses and telephone numbers of 3 character references, who shall not be related to the applicant.

3.3 The application shall be signed by the applicant, at least one parent, and an approved owner of the store.


4.0 Approval of Application

The Deputy Commissioner may approve or disapprove applications. An applicant may appeal disapproval to the Commissioner.


5.0 Violations

A violation of this rule shall, in addition to any other penalty provided by the Liquor Control Act or these Rules, be punished by revocation of the applicant's permit, and such permit holder shall not be permitted to be employed thereafter under the provisions of this Rule or Rule 1201.

19 DE Reg. 775 (02/01/16)

26 DE Reg. 62 (07/01/22)




1.0 Purpose and Applicability

This Rule shall govern the training curricula, examination, and certification standards for all Commissioner-approved server training courses.


2.0 Training Standards and Curricula

Server training programs shall meet the requirements of Title 4, Ch. 12, in order to be approved by the Commissioner.


3.0 Recognition and Approval Process

3.1 Independent contractors, private individuals, or educational institutions seeking approval to provide server training pursuant to 4 Del.C. Ch. 12, shall proceed as follows:

3.1.1 Submit a letter of intent to the Director of DATE, and include copies of all training curricula, materials, examinations, and certification cards.

3.1.2 The Director of DATE shall review and evaluate the training program. If the program meets the requirements of this rule and the Liquor Control Act, the Director of DATE shall submit a written report to the Commissioner supporting the programs conformity to the Liquor Control Act and Commissioner Rules.

3.1.3 The Commissioner shall review the request for program certification and the Director of DATE's recommendation and either approve or deny the application for certification.


4.0 Training Certification

4.1 Training certification cards issued by the provider must be approved by the Commissioner and shall display the following information: Trainee's full name, date of birth, expiration date, and instructor's signature.

4.2 All Commissioner-approved server training providers shall administer a Commissioner-approved written examination at the conclusion of each server training class. The minimum passing score for the examination shall be 80 percent. The training provider may only issue a Commissioner-approved certification card to each attendee who obtains a minimum passing score of 80 percent.

4.3 The server training provider shall submit proof of training certification for each person certified by the provider to the Director of DATE within seven working days of the date of certification. The proof of certification shall list the following information for each trainee: Full name, date of birth, and date trained.

4.4 No Commissioner-approved server training provider shall knowingly issue a server training certification card to any individual who has not successfully completed the provider's training course as approved by the Commissioner.

4.5 The Commissioner may suspend or revoke the training privileges of any server training provider who violates the provisions of this rule or the Liquor Control Act.

19 DE Reg. 775 (02/01/16)


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