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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 14700

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1.0 Experience

School food service employees may be granted one (1) year of experience for each creditable year of experience in similar employment.

20 DE Reg. 803 (04/01/17)


2.0 Determination of Employee Staffing and Formula

2.1 School districts shall determine the salaries paid to cafeteria workers as follows:

2.1.1 Of the total number of full time workers assigned to a food preparing cafeteria, a maximum of two may be paid as a cook and baker. Satellite schools are eligible for State funded positions as set forth in 14 Del.C. §1322(a).

8 DE Reg. 1608 (05/01/05)

20 DE Reg. 803 (04/01/17)


3.0 Salary Formula

3.1 The salaries prescribed in 14 Del.C. §1322(c) for general workers, cooks and bakers shall be paid by the State from funds not derived from local food service operations as determined by the formula:

3.1.1 Seven (7) hours of labor per 100 meals determined as follows: Total number of reimbursable lunches served in the base month; plus Total number of reimbursable breakfasts served in the base month; plus Total of all other meals served in the base month determined by aggregating all income. The number of meals prepared and served shall be based on the average reported for the month of October on the monthly reimbursement claim.

3.2 Each school district shall submit to the Department of Education a computation sheet for cafeteria workers with data showing hourly rate and hours worked not to exceed the maximum allowed under state formula.

3.3 Each school district shall submit a roster of cafeteria managers to the Department of Education showing names of managers and the salaries prescribed in 14 Del.C. §1322(a). Each district shall also submit a computation sheet as prescribed by the Department of Education to determine the number of meals served according to the state formula.

3 DE Reg. 1542 (05/01/00)

8 DE Reg. 1608 (05/01/05)

13 DE Reg. 1537 (06/01/10)

20 DE Reg. 803 (04/01/17)


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