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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 14200

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1.0 Purpose

Pursuant to 14 Del.C. Ch. 89, this regulation provides guidance to Delaware public schools, districts and charter schools regarding the qualifications and nomination of candidates for Teacher of the Year.

22 DE Reg. 1003 (06/01/19)


2.0 Definitions

The words and terms, when used in this regulation, shall have the following meaning:

Department” means the Delaware Department of Education.

Standard Certificate” means a credential issued to certify that an educator has the prescribed knowledge, skill or education to practice in a particular area, teach a particular subject, or teach a category of students.

Teacher of the Year Award” means recognition and a monetary award given by either a teacher’s employing school, district or charter school, or the Department of Education as a way to reward outstanding teachers in the state.

Teacher of the Year Award Fund” means a $5000 set aside fund within the budget of the Department to be used for the statewide Teacher of the Year Award recipient’s exclusive assignment and disbursement.

22 DE Reg. 1003 (06/01/19)

27 DE Reg. 247 (10/01/23)


3.0 Qualifications for a Local Teacher of the Year Award

3.1 To be considered for the local Teacher of the Year Award a person shall:

3.1.1 Have taught, continuously or intermittently, for an accumulative period of 3 years or more in a Delaware public school previous to the date of such person's nomination;

3.1.2 Have been formally nominated;

3.1.3 Be actively teaching in the nominating district or charter school in Delaware at the time of nomination.

3.1.4 Meet all the requirements for a Standard Certificate for the position held and hold a valid and current license, as issued by the Department pursuant to the regulations promulgated by the Professional Standards Board and approved by the State Board of Education.

7 DE Reg. 1178 (03/01/04)

9 DE Reg. 1182 (02/01/06)

22 DE Reg. 1003 (06/01/19)

27 DE Reg. 247 (10/01/23)


4.0 Nomination Procedure for State Teacher of the Year Award

4.1 The following procedure shall apply for identifying and nominating candidates for the state Teacher of the Year:

4.1.1 The Department shall meet annually with appropriate district personnel and the representative for the charter schools for the purpose of providing detailed instructions and proper forms for the nomination of candidates for the state Teacher of the Year Award.

4.1.2 Each district is invited to nominate 1 teacher employed by the district who has been chosen as a Teacher of the Year from amongst 1 of its school buildings.

4.1.3 Charter schools are invited to select 1 teacher to represent all of the charter schools.

4.1.4 Nominees for the state Teacher of the Year Award shall be skillful and dedicated teachers who teach a grade prekindergarten through grade 12.

4.1.5 Nominees for State Teacher of the Year Award who are not actively engaged in teaching in a public school at the time at which observations are made pursuant to Section 5.0 below shall be disqualified.

4.1.6 Administrative personnel such as principals and school counselors are not eligible to be considered for the State Teacher of the Year Award.

22 DE Reg. 1003 (06/01/19)


5.0 Requirements for State Teacher of the Year Award Nominees

Nominees shall submit a portfolio describing themselves and setting forth their positions on educational issues in a Department-approved format that is also consistent with the National Teacher of the Year program.

22 DE Reg. 1003 (06/01/19)


6.0 Evaluation and Selection of the State Teacher of the Year Award Recipient

6.1 The following procedure shall occur to evaluate and select the state Teacher of the Year award recipient from amongst all nominated candidates:

6.1.1 Following the submission of portfolios, selected Department staff members and selected former state and local Teachers of the Year shall be assigned in pairs to read the portfolios of 2 nominees and observe those nominees in the classroom based on the criteria stipulated in the Teacher of the Year Program Guide that is updated each year.

6.1.2 Another group of Department staff members shall be assigned to read all of the portfolios and rate them based on forms found in the Teacher of the Year Program Guide. Based on the numerical ratings from both the portfolio readers and from the observations, 3 nominees shall be identified as finalists for consideration by a panel of judges.

6.1.3 The panel of judges shall include: the current State Teacher of the Year; the President of the State Parent Teacher Association; the President of the Future Educators Association; a member of the State Board of Education; a representative of the Chamber of Commerce; the President of the Delaware State Education Association; and the Chair of the Professional Standards Board or, if necessary, their designees.

6.1.4 The judges shall recommend 1 person for the Secretary of Education to declare as the State Teacher of the Year.

6.1.5 The final selection of the state Teacher of the Year Award recipient is made solely at the discretion of the Secretary of Education and the Secretary’s decision shall be final.

22 DE Reg. 1003 (06/01/19)


7.0 Funding and Use of Funds

7.1 The Teacher of the Year Award Fund, in the amount of $5,000, shall be set aside within the budget of the Department to be used for the statewide Teacher of the Year Award recipient’s exclusive assignment and disbursement.

7.1.1 The Teacher of the Year Award Funds, shall not be used for the personal benefit of the award recipient, but shall be used solely to accomplish educational purposes or objectives for students; however that in the use of such funds for educational purposes, the recipient may be an indirect or incidental beneficiary as teacher of the benefited pupils. In the event all funds for an Award recipient have not been completely expended by the time a subsequent award is granted, the remainder of the former recipient’s award shall not revert, but shall remain set aside in the name of the former recipient such time as it is totally expended or the recipient dies or leaves the state.

7.1.2 In order to withdraw funds, the recipient shall present to the superintendent of the local school district in which the recipient is employed a plan for utilization of the award in order to avoid wasteful duplication of materials or violation of school district policy.

7.1.3 Possible use of funds includes: Purchase of non-consumable materials and supplies (library books, audio/visual equipment, computer equipment, etc.); Purchase of otherwise consumable materials that are used in the production of a student designed item (artist’s paper, canvas, instruments, wood, etc.); Payment for student travel (museum, theatres, historic sites, etc.); Employment of performers or consultants (musical group, author, poet or historian, etc.); or Reimbursements to the recipient, not to exceed $500, for personal expenses.

7.1.4 Materials, equipment or other items purchased with such funds shall be the property of the Delaware public school district in which the recipient is employed at the time of expenditure.

7.1.5 Invoices, purchase orders or personal reimbursement forms related to withdrawals from the Teacher of the Year Award Fund shall be retained by the local school district and shall be available for inspection as public records and subject to regular audit by the State Auditor of Accounts.

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