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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 141200

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1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this regulation is to provide eligibility criteria and application procedures for the Speech Language Pathologist Incentive Loan Program pursuant to 14 Del.C. §3422.


2.0 Definitions

The following words and terms, when used in this regulation, shall have the following meaning unless the context in which they are used clearly indicates otherwise:

Academic Record” means the applicant’s unofficial transcript from college or graduate school for the most recent academic year.

Award” means a loan under the Speech Language Pathologist Incentive Loan Program, the repayment of which is forgiven when the borrower is employed as a licensed speech language pathologist in a Delaware public school or by a provider or its contractors for Delaware programs serving infants and toddlers under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (Birth to Three Early Intervention) for the period of time specified in 14 Del.C. §3422(c)(2).

Delaware Higher Education Office” or “DHEO” means the Department of Education’s Office which administers specific programs related to higher education, including, but not limited to, scholarship and loan programs.

Direct Educational Expenses” means tuition, mandatory fees, room, board, books, and supplies.

Full-Time Student” means a graduate student enrolled in nine (9) or more credit hours.

Institution” means a post-secondary institution or institution of higher education in Delaware that is accredited, or a candidate for accreditation, by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Part-Time Student” means a student enrolled in a graduate program that is at least five (5) and less than nine (9) credit hours per term.

Student Account Access Site” means the webpage on the DHEO’s website where students can access scholarship and loan forgiveness opportunities.


3.0 Application Acceptance and Submission Period

3.1 The application acceptance and submission period for the Speech Language Pathologist Incentive Loan Program shall be posted on the DHEO's website by April 1 each calendar year.

3.1.1 Applications shall not be accepted outside of the posted application acceptance period under any circumstances.

3.1.2 Incomplete applications shall not be accepted or processed.

3.2 In order for an application to be considered complete, an applicant must:

3.2.1 Submit the applicant's Academic Record to DHEO by mail, fax, or email by the last date of the application acceptance period.

3.2.2 Complete an application through the Student Account Access Site by the last date of the application acceptance period. The application shall include: The applicant’s major, name of the applicant’s Institution, and the school year in which the applicant was most recently enrolled. Applicants may update their enrollment information on the Student Account Access Site through the last date of the application acceptance period. A first time applicant must establish an account and provide his or her valid email address and permanent mailing address before being permitted to submit the information required in subsection 3.2.2 of this regulation.


4.0 Eligibility for Awards

4.1 Applicants shall meet the following requirements to be considered for the Speech Language Pathologist Incentive Loan Program:

4.1.1 Be either a Part-Time or a Full-Time Student enrolled in a graduate program in Delaware that will satisfy the educational requirements to become licensed by the Delaware Board of Speech Pathologists, Audiologists, and Hearing Aid Dispensers as a speech/language pathologist; and

4.1.2 Demonstrate strong academic merit.


5.0 Awards

5.1 DHEO determines the number and amount of Awards to be given annually. The number and amount of Awards each year will vary and is based on and subject to the General Assembly appropriating funds for the Speech Language Pathologist Incentive Loan Program.

5.2 An Award shall be used for, and not in excess of, Direct Educational Expenses.

5.3 An Award may be renewed annually for up to two (2) years.

5.3.1 To be eligible to renew an Award, students are required to submit an Academic Record and updated enrollment information by the date required by the DHEO.

5.3.2 An Award may be renewed annually as long as students maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the Institution.

5.4 An Award may be pro-rated for Part-Time Students.


6.0 Award Payment

6.1 A signed promissory note, which includes the terms of repayment and loan forgiveness, shall be executed before disbursement of funds.

6.2 All payments shall be disbursed directly to the eligible recipient's college or university only.

23 DE Reg. 860 (04/01/20)


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