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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative CodeTitle 1400

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1.0 Introduction

This regulation is promulgated under the authority granted to the Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office ("DEDO") by 29 Del.C., §5005(11) to make regulations for the administration and operation of DEDO. One of the programs administered by DEDO through its Workforce Development Section is the Information Technology Training Grant Program established in 73 Del.Laws, Ch. 74, §62(i)(C) (June 28, 2001) (the "Program"). The Program is designed to provide customized information technology training to small- and medium-sized businesses through grants made by the Workforce Development Section of DEDO. This regulation sets forth the definition of certain terms used in the Program and describes (i) the eligibility requirements for persons desiring to participate in the program, and (ii) other administrative features of the Program.


2.0 Definitions

The terms defined in Section 1.0 hereof shall have the meanings set forth therein.

"Blue Collar Program" means the employment and pre-employment training grant program operated by DEDO under the Delaware Economic Development Training Act, 29 Del. C. Sections 5070 – 7073.

"Information technology training" means pre-employment or employment training that provides meaningful computer-related job skills to trainees.

"Small or medium-sized business" means a corporation, limited liability company, general or limited partnership, business trust, common law trust, proprietorship, unincorporated association or other form of organization conducting a for-profit or not-for-profit enterprise in the State of Delaware and having five hundred (500) or fewer employees.

"Training grant" means a grant of up to One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) for the purpose of providing information technology training to employees of a small- or medium-sized business.


3.0 Persons Eligible for Training Grants under the Program

Only a small or medium-sized business may apply for a training grant under the Program.


4.0 Program Administration.

4.1 General Principles. DEDO intends to operate the Program as part of its employment and pre-employment training programs operated by its Workforce Development Section under the Blue Collar Program. Accordingly, DEDO intends that the statutory and regulatory provisions of the Blue Collar Program will apply to the Program, with the modifications set forth in this regulation. Persons seeking training grants under the Program should contact the Director of the Workforce Development Section of DEDO regarding possible grants and application material at 99 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901, phone (302) 672-6807, facsimile (302) 739-2028. Training grants will be available only if sufficient funds are available for the purpose of making such grants.

4.2 Program Variance from Blue Collar Program.

4.2.1 For purposes of the Program, an "eligible applicant," as defined in 29 Del.C. §5070(g) shall be a small- or medium-sized business, as defined in Section 1.0 of this regulation.

4.2.2 Employees receiving training under the Program are not limited to entry-level through first-line supervisory positions.

4.2.3 Small or medium-sized businesses are not required to pay Delaware Unemployment Insurance Tax in order to qualify for a training grant, unless other provisions of Delaware law require them to do so.

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