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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsSeptember 2015

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19 DE Admin. Code 1101
Pursuant to its authority under 29 Del.C. §10111(1), the Delaware Division of Industrial Affairs of the State of Delaware, Department of Labor (“the Department”) proposed to amend its apprenticeship regulations. The Department’s purpose in proposing these amendments was to bring its regulations into legal conformity with the Third Circuit decision in Tri-M Group, LLC v. Sharp, 638 F.3d 406 (3rd Cir. 2011). The Department’s proceedings to adopt its regulations were initiated pursuant to 29 Del.C. §10113(6), with authority prescribed by 19 Del.C. §202(a)(2). These regulations are exempt from the standard Administrative Procedures Act process and may therefore be adopted informally.
AND NOW this 1st day of September, 2015, it is hereby ordered that:
3. The effective date of this Order is ten days from the date of its publication in the Delaware Register of Regulations in accordance with 29 Del.C. §10118(e); and
1.1 Section 204, Chapter 2, Title 19, Delaware Code authorizes and directs the Department of Labor to formulate regulations to promote the furtherance of labor standards necessary to safeguard the welfare of Apprentices and to extend the applications of such standards by requiring their inclusion in apprenticeship contracts.
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"Administrator" refers to the Administrator of the Office of Apprenticeship and Training for the State Department of Labor.
"Agreement" refers to a written agreement between an Apprentice and either his/her employer or an Apprenticeship Committee acting as agent for the Employer which contains the terms and conditions of the employment and training of the Apprentice.
"Apprentice" refers to a person at least sixteen years of age who is engaged in learning a recognized skilled trade through actual work experience under the supervision of a Journeyperson. This person must enter into a written Apprenticeship Indenture Agreement with a registered apprenticeship sponsor. The training must be supplemented with properly coordinated studies of related technical instruction. All hours worked by a registered apprentice, while in the employ of the apprentice's sponsor, shall be considered apprenticeship hours to be counted toward wage progression increments and completion of his/ her on-the-job training hours as set forth in the Apprenticeship Indenture Agreement.
Apprenticeship Standards" refers to the document which embodies the procedure for the selection and the training of apprentices, setting forth the terms of the training, including wages, hours, conditions of employment, training on the job, and related instruction. The duties and responsibilities of the Sponsor, including administrative procedures, are set forth in their company's policies.
"BAT" refers to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.
"Cancellation" refers to the deregistration of a Program or the Termination of an Agreement.
"Committee" refers to those persons designated by the Sponsor to act on its behalf in the administration of the Apprenticeship Program. A Committee may be "joint" i.e., it is composed of an equal number of representatives of the employer(s) and of the employee(s) represented by a bona fide collective bargaining agent(s) and has been established to conduct, operate or administer a Program and enter into Agreements with Apprentices. A Committee may be "unilateral" or "non-joint" and shall mean a Program Sponsor in which a bona fide collective bargaining agent is not a participant.
"Council" refers to the Governor's Advisory Council On Apprenticeship and Training.
"Delaware Resident Contractor" includes any general contractor, prime contractor, construction manager, subcontractor or other type of construction contractor who regularly maintains a place of business in Delaware. Regularly maintaining a place of business in Delaware does not include site trailers, temporary structures associated with one contract or set of related contracts, nor the holding, nor the maintaining of a post office box within this State. The specific intention of this definition is to maintain consistency with Title 30, Delaware Code, section 2501(3) "Resident Contractor".
"Director" refers to the Director of the Division of Industrial Affairs.
"Division" refers to the Division of Industrial Affairs, Department of Labor, state of Delaware.
Employer" refers to any person or organization employing an Apprentice, whether or not such person or organization is a party to an Apprenticeship Agreement.
"Journeyperson" refers to a worker who is fully qualified as a skilled worker in a given craft or trade.
"On-site Visit" refers to a visit from a representative of the State of Delaware, Department of Labor, Division of Industrial Affairs to the office and/or the actual field job-site of the Sponsor, for the purposes of inspecting and/or monitoring the progress and training of the Registered Apprentice. This monitoring may include but is not limited to interviewing the Apprentice and the auditing of pertinent documents relative to the maintenance and enforcement of the terms of the Apprenticeship Agreement. On-site visits to the Sponsor's office may occur at the discretion of the Department of Labor. The Sponsor will reimburse any travel-related expenses over $500 associated with on-site visits within sixty (60) days of their completion, or will face program deregistration following a hearing held in accordance with the procedures established in these regulations.
"Program" refers to an executed apprenticeship plan which contains all terms and conditions for the qualifications, recruitment, selection, employment and training of Apprentices, including such matters as the requirements for a written Apprenticeship Agreement.
"Registrant or Sponsor" refers to any person, association, committee or organization in whose name or title the Program is (or is to be) registered or approved regardless of whether or not such entity is an Employer. To be eligible, the Registrant or Sponsor must be a "Delaware Resident Contractor" or hold and maintain a "Delaware Resident Business License" or register their business with the Delaware Secretary of State. The Registrant or Sponsor must hold and maintain a permanent place of business, not to include site trailers or other facilities serving only one contract or related set of contracts. To be eligible to be a Registrant or Sponsor, Employer/Business, association, committee or organization must have the training program and an adequate number of Journey persons to meet the ratio requirements as stated for that particular apprenticeable occupation.
"Registration" refers to the acceptance and recording of an Apprenticeship Program by the Delaware Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training, as meeting the basic standards and requirements of the Division for approval of such Program. Approval is evidenced by a Certificate or other written indicia documentation. Registration also refers to the acceptance and recording of Apprenticeship Agreements thereof, by the Delaware Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training, as evidence of the participation of the Apprentice in a particular Registered apprenticeship Program. In no event shall the State of Delaware subsidize the instruction of any apprentice whose employment is not associated with the payment of income taxes to the State of Delaware, which finances such educational subsidies.
Registration Agency” means the Office of Apprenticeship or a recognized State Apprenticeship Agency that has responsibility for registering apprenticeship programs and apprentices; providing technical assistance and quality assurance assessments.
"Related Instruction" refers to a formal and systematic form of instruction designed to provide the Apprentice with knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to his/her trade.
"Secretary" refers to the Secretary of Labor.
"Sponsor" means any person, association, committee, or organization operating an apprenticeship program and in whose name the program is (or is to be) registered or approved.
"State" refers to the State of Delaware
"Supervisory Inspection" shall mean the same as "ON SITE VISIT".
4.2 Apprentices must be individually registered under a Registered Program with the State of Delaware, Department of Labor, Division of Industrial Affairs. Such registration shall be effective when the completed agreement is submitted to and signed by the Administrator. Sponsors registered with states other than the State of Delaware shall not be construed as being registered for State of Delaware Apprenticeship Program Registration purposes. Reciprocal approval for Federal purposes will be accorded to apprentices, apprenticeship programs and standards that are registered in other States by the Office of Apprenticeship or a Registration Agency if such reciprocity is requested by the apprenticeship program sponsor. Program sponsors seeking reciprocal approval must meet wage and hour provisions and apprentice ratio requirements of Delaware. Programs seeking reciprocal approval must also provide notice to the Department of Labor, Division of Industrial Affairs, Office of Apprenticeship & Training of their arrival prior to commencing work in the State of Delaware, so that the Office of Apprenticeship & Training may investigate their apprenticeship program to ensure that it conforms with the standards of the State in which it is registered. Such investigations may include on-site visits at the discretion of the Office of Apprenticeship & Training. The Sponsor will reimburse any expenses over $500 associated with on-site visits within thirty (30) days of their completion, or will lose the ability to have its apprenticeship program recognized within the State of Delaware. This sanction will occur following a deregistration hearing held in accordance with the procedures established in these regulations.
4.6 Under a Program proposed for Registration by an Employer or Employer's Association, where the standards, collective bargaining agreement or other instrument provides for participation by a union in any way in the operation of the Program, and such participation is exercised, written acknowledgment of a union agreement or "no objection" to the Registration is required. Where no such participation is evidenced and practiced, the Employer or Employer’s Association shall simultaneously furnish to the union a copy of its Program application. In addition, upon receipt of the application for the Program, the State shall promptly send by certified mail to such local union another copy of the Program application and together with a notice that union comments will be accepted for thirty (30) days after the date of the agency transmittal.
5.1.1 It is customarily learned in a practical way through training and work on the job a structured, systematic program of on-the-job supervised learning.
6.2.3 the existence of a term of apprenticeship, not less than one year or two thousand (2,000) hours consistent with training requirements as established by industry practice - the Delaware Department of Labor intends to continue to use the time based method of determining completion of an Apprenticeship Program;.
6.2.5 provision for organized related and supplemental instruction in technical subjects related to the trade. A minimum of one hundred forty-four (144) hours for each year of apprenticeship is required recommended. Such instruction may be given in a classroom, through trade, industrial or approved correspondence courses of equivalent value or in other forms approved by the State Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship and Training;. Every apprenticeship instructor must:
6.4.1 The ratio of Apprentices to Journeypersons shall be one Apprentice up to each five (5) Journeypersons employed by the prospective Sponsor unless a different ratio based on an industry standard is contained in the signed Standards of Apprenticeship Agreement or in these regulations. When Apprentices registered in a Delaware Apprenticeship program are employed in other states, the ratio of Apprentices to Journeypersons shall be determined by the ratios established in those other states.
6.6 Adequate and safe equipment facilities for training and supervision and safety training for Apprentices on the job and in Related Instruction are required. On-site visits may verify compliance with this section prior to the registration of any sponsor for a Delaware apprenticeship program.
12.1 Program deregistered pursuant to this chapter may be reinstated upon presentation of adequate evidence that the Program is operating in accordance with this chapter. Such evidence shall be presented to the Apprenticeship and Training Council, which shall make a recommendation based on said evidence, past records and any other data deemed appropriate. After such presentation, the Council shall make a recommendation to the Secretary as to whether the Program should be reinstated. The Secretary's decision shall be final and binding.
14.1 The Secretary may, at any time upon his/her own motion or upon written request of any interested person setting forth reasonable grounds therefore, and after opportunity has been given to interested persons to present their views, amend or revoke any of the terms of the regulations contained in this part.
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