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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsNovember 2017

Regulatory Flexibility Act Form

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24 DE Admin. Code 1725
The Delaware Polysomnography Council of the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline, pursuant to 24 Del.C. §1799W(c), proposes to amend its rules and regulations. The proposed regulation change allows respiratory therapists with specific sleep credentials to act as supervisors to polysomnographic trainees.
Board” means Delaware Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline.
Council” means the Polysomnography Advisory Council of the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline.
Out of Center Sleep Testing” means analyzing and scoring polysomnographic data collected outside of a sleep center for the purposes of assisting a licensed medical doctor in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep and wake disorders. Out of Center Sleep Testing includes remote monitoring as well as Home Sleep Testing.
Polysomnographer” means a professional duly licensed by the Delaware Polysomnography Advisory Council of the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline.
"Supervisor" means a licensed polysomnographer or a licensed respiratory care practitioner with one of the following credentials: Sleep Disorder Specialist (SDS); Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT); or Certified Polysomnographic Technician (CPSGT).
6.1 A polysomnographic student may only practice under the direct supervision of a licensed polysomnographer supervisor as defined in these regulations.
6.2 Direct supervision means that a licensed polysomnographer supervisor will be personally present and immediately available within the treatment area to provide aid, direction, and instruction when procedures are performed. All evaluations, progress notes, and/or chart entries must be co-signed by a licensed polysomnographer or licensed respiratory care practitioner credentialed as an SDS, RPSGT, or CPGST.
6.3 A polysomnographic trainee may provide sleep-related services under the direct supervision of a licensed polysomnographer supervisor as part of the trainee’s clinical experience for no more than two years.
7.4.2 Documentation. When a licensee is selected for audit, the licensee shall be required to submit documentation showing detailed accounting of the various hours claimed by the licensee. Licensees selected for random audit are required to supplement the attestation with supporting materials which may include a syllabus, agenda, itinerary or brochure published by the sponsor of the activity and a document showing proof of attendance (i.e., certificate, a signed letter from the sponsor attesting to attendance, report of passing test score). The Council shall attempt to verify the hours shown on the documentation provided by the licensee. Upon completion of the review, the Council will determine whether the licensee's hours meet the requirements of these rules.
9.4 A license may be placed on inactive status at the request of a licensee for no more than five years. An inactive license will convert to expired if it is not reinstated within five years.
10.1 A licensed polysomnographer serving as a supervisor to either a polysomnographic student or trainee accepts total responsibility for the sleep-related services provided by the student or trainee.
10.2 A student or trainee is permitted to have more than one supervising licensed polysomnographer supervisor.
10.3 Only licensed polysomnographers A supervisor must have a license in good standing may to supervise students or trainees.
10.4 A licensed polysomnographer supervisor may supervise no more than three students or trainees at one time.
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