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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsNovember 2014

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14 DE Admin. Code 915
The Secretary of Education seeks the consent of the State Board of Education to amend 14 DE Admin. Code 915 James H. Groves High School. This regulation is to clarify alignment to 14 DE Admin. Code 505 High School Graduation Requirements and Diplomas with regard to the World Languages credit requirement and for other minor clarifications. This regulation also clarifies that the Groves In School Credit Program cannot occur during the school's regularly scheduled school day.
Persons wishing to present their views regarding this matter may do so in writing by the close of business on or before December 5, 2014 to Tina Shockley, Education Associate, Department of Education, Regulatory Review, at 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, Delaware 19901. A copy of this regulation may be viewed or obtained at the Department of Education, Finance Office located at the address listed above.
Certificate of Educational Attainment (CEA3)means that the holder of the certificate has passed the Official GED Practice Test with a score of 2450 or better with no less than 470 designated assessments with the required scores in each sub test area and has written an approved Groves approved content area research paper,
Department” means the Delaware Department of Education
Groves Leadership Teammeans an advisory group composed of the Groves Center administrators, the State Director of Adult Education, a representative from the Groves student association and a prison education teacher supervisor(s). The Associate Secretary, Adult Education and Work Force Development shall be an ex officio member of the leadership team.
James H Groves Center” or “Center(s)means the specific location in a school district, agency or organization where instruction is provided for the James H. Groves High School program.
James H. Groves High School” or “Groves” means an adult high school established by the State of Delaware to provide the opportunity for adults and out of school youth to earn and obtain a high school diploma. The James H. Groves High School is a single school with multiple centers established and operated through a proposal application process. The James H. Groves High School is administered by the Delaware Department of Education.
Sex Offender means an offender convicted of offenses specified in 11 Del.C. §4121(a)(4).
2.2.1 To apply for an age waiver, the prospective student must shall submit a letter of request for admission to the State Director of Adult Education with the rationale for granting a waiver with a letter of recommendation from the high school of record to the Groves Center administrator the following.
2.2.2 The prospective student seeking the age waiver shall also meet the admission process of all other enrollees be subject to 2.1.1.
2.4.1 An applicant for an expulsion or pending expulsion waiver shall meet the following requirements: Submit a letter of recommendation signed by the principal or designee of their high school of record; and Meet the requirements in 2.1.1.
3.1.15 The Certificate of Educational Attainment (CEA3) that may provides up to 10 units of credit toward graduation.
4.4 Groves High School students shall be eligible to receive a State of Delaware diploma when they have met the State graduation requirements, pursuant to 14 DE Admin. Code 505 High School Graduation Requirements and Diplomas, in effect at the time of their graduation., except as noted below. (See 14 DE Admin. Code 505.2, 3.1 or 5.0). The single exception is physical education which is waived in lieu of another credit.
4.4.2 Students who were or would have been a first time 9th grader in the 2011-2012 school year or after shall be subject to 505.3.0 or 505.4.0, whichever is applicable.
4.4.3 Students who were or would have been a first time 9th grader in the 2010-2011 school year or prior shall be subject to 505.2.0.
4.4.14 All course content shall be based on the State Content Standards. Notwithstanding the above, students enrolled in the James H. Groves High School must shall successfully complete and receive credit for a minimum of one Groves course in order to receive a State of Delaware diploma.
Students enrolled in each Center shall have such rights and be subject to such responsibilities as set forth in the James H. Groves Student Rights and Responsibilities document, and as such may be amended from time to time by the Department.
7.1.3 The district agency or organization representatives shall meet with the Groves Leadership Team to review the Center request.
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