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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsMay 2016

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18 DE Admin. Code 602
Proposed Amended Regulation 602 relating to Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers [Formerly Regulation 8] was initially published in the Delaware Register of Regulations on January 1, 2016, and re-published on March 1, 2016. The initial comment period remained open until February 1, 2016, and the second comment period remained opened until March 31, 2016. There was no public hearing on proposed amended Regulation 602. Public notices of the proposed amended Regulation 602 were published in the Register of Regulations in conformity with Delaware law.
1. 18 Del.C. §311 and Ch. 17 require a regulation to set forth rules and procedural requirements which the Commissioner deems necessary to carry out the provisions of the Code.
Based on the provisions of 18 Del.C. §311 and Ch. 17; and 29 Del.C. Ch. 101, and the record in this docket, I hereby adopt proposed amended Regulation 602 as may more fully and at large appear in the version attached hereto to be effective 10 days after being published as final.
The text of proposed amended Regulation 602 last appeared in the Register of Regulations Vol. 19, Issue 9, pages 788-866.
IT IS SO ORDERED this 1st day of May, 2016.
18 Del.C. Ch. 17 has been amended to include motor vehicle physical damage appraisers under the license requirements therein. The following regulation is required to set standards of conduct for appraisers and to implement the provisions of Chapter 17 and establish through regulations guideline procedures for the manner in which motor vehicle physical damage appraisers conduct their business.
1.1 As used in 18 Del.C. Ch. 17:
Appraisal” is not considered to include an estimate of repair to be performed by the individual or entity making such estimate.
“Appraiser” means a motor vehicle physical damage appraiser licensed under the provisions of 18 Del.C. Ch.17. This shall include all persons who in this State practice the appraisal of motor vehicle physical damage.
“Appraiser” is not considered to include an estimate of repair to be performed by the individual or entity making such estimate;
“Motor vehicle” means any "motor vehicle" as defined in 21 Del.C. §101.
2.1 Each appraiser, while engaged in appraisal duties, shall carry the license issued to him by the Insurance Department and shall display it, upon request, to an owner whose vehicle is being inspected, to the repair shop representative involved or to any authorized representative of the Insurance Department.
3.1 The appraiser shall exchange a legible copy of his appraisal with that of the repair shop selected to make the repairs and also furnish a copy to the owner of the vehicle. This appraisal shall contain the name of the insurance company ordering it, if any, the insurance file number, the number of the appraiser's license and the proper identification number of the vehicle being inspected. All unrelated or old damage should be clearly indicated on the appraisal which shall include an itemized listing of all damages, specifying those parts to be replaced or repaired. Because an appraiser is charged with a high degree of regard for the public safety, the operational safety of the vehicle shall be paramount in considering the specification of new parts. This consideration is vitally important where the parts involved pertain to the drive train, steering gear, suspension units, brake system or tires.
4.0 Personal Inspection Required. Manner of Inspection.
4.1 No appraiser shall secure or use repair estimates that have been obtained by the use of photographs, telephone calls or in any manner other than a personal inspection. An appraiser may prepare an appraisal or a repair estimate on a motor vehicle that has been damaged as a result of a covered loss either from the appraiser’s personal inspection of the vehicle or from photographs, videos, or electronically transmitted digital imagery of the motor vehicle; provided, however, that no insurer may require an owner of a motor vehicle to submit photographs, videos, or electronically transmitted digital imagery as a condition of an appraisal. If the owner of a motor vehicle is not satisfied with an appraisal based upon photographs, videos, or electronically transmitted digital imagery of the motor vehicle, the owner of the motor vehicle may require an insurer to obtain an appraisal based on a personal inspection.
5.1 No appraiser shall require that repairs be made in a specified repair shop.
6.1 Every appraiser shall promptly reinspect damaged vehicles prior to the repairs in question when supplementary allowances are requested by repair shops and the amount or extent of damages is in dispute.
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