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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsMay 2014

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24 DE Admin. Code 5100
Pursuant to 24 Del.C. §5106(a)(1), the Board of Cosmetology and Barbering has proposed revisions to its rules and regulations.
2.0 Temporary Work Permits [24 Del.C. §5106(a)(7)]
2.9 Reciprocity applicant: A temporary work permit for reciprocity may be issued to an applicant subject to the requirements of 24 Del.C. §5109(a). Where the applicant comes from a state with less stringent standards than Delaware's standards, the Board shall review the applicant's experience documentation. The temporary permit shall expire 14 calendar days after the date of the Board meeting at which the Board considers the application.
3.0 Apprenticeship and Supervision [24 Del.C. §§5101(a), 5107]
7.0 Instructor Requirements [24 Del.C. §§5107(a)(3)h. - j.]
7.1 In addition to the requirements set forth in 24 Del.C. §§5107(a)(3)h. - j., an instructor applicant shall submit an official transcript showing completion of the teacher training course.
8.0 Licensure of Cosmetology Shops and Schools [24 Del.C. §§5107(7), 5107(15), 5103(e), 5118, 5124(5)]
8.13 All cosmetology shops and schools shall be licensed by the Board.
8.24 Where the shop or school closes or has a change of name, address or ownership, the shop or school shall submit a new application to the Board.
8.35 A person licensed by the Board as a cosmetologist, master barber, barber, electrologist, nail technician, aesthetician or instructor shall not work in a cosmetology shop, barbershop, nail salon, electrology establishment, aesthetics shop, school of cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, electrology or aesthetics unless such establishment has been licensed by the Board.
16.1.3 Aggravated Menacing. 11 Del.C. §602(b).
16.1.18 Abortion. 11 Del.C. §651.
16.1.42 Extortion. 11 Del.C. §846.
16.1.44 Forgery. 11 Del.C. §861.
16.1.64 Use of an animal to avoid capture. 11 Del.C. §1257A(b) (1) and (2).
16.1.71 Hate crimes. 11 Del.C. §1304.
16.1.73 Stalking. 11 Del.C. §1312A.
16.1.74 Cruelty to animals; felony. 11 Del.C. §1325.
16.1.77 Adulteration. 11 Del.C. §1339.
16.1.78 Promoting prostitution in the third degree. 11 Del.C. §1351.
16.1.81 Obscenity. 11 Del.C. §1361.
16.1.83 Possession of a deadly weapon during commission of a felony. 11 Del.C. §1447.
16.1.87 Engaging in a firearms transaction on behalf of another. 11 Del.C. §1455.
16.1.88 Possession of a weapon in a Safe School and Recreation Zone; felony. 11 Del.C. §1457.
16.1.90 Organized Crime and Racketeering. 11 Del.C. §1504.
16.1.91 Victim or Witness intimidation. 11 Del.C. §§3532 & 3533.
16.1.93 Distribution, delivery, or possession of controlled substance within 1,000 feet of school property. 16 Del.C. §4767.
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