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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsMarch 2017

Regulatory Flexibility Act Form

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3 DE Admin. Code 1002
The Delaware Jockey's Health and Welfare Benefit Board, in accordance with 29 Del.C. §4815(b)(4)c. has proposed changes to its rules and regulations by amending existing Rule 2.1.1, Rule, Rule and Rule 2.2 and adding new Rule and Rule 2.4. Other regulations issued by the Delaware Jockey's Health and Welfare Benefit Board are not affected by this proposal.
A copy of the proposed regulations is being published in the March 1, 2017 edition of the Delaware Register of Regulations. A copy is also on file in the office of the Thoroughbred Racing Commission, 777 Delaware Park Boulevard, Wilmington, Delaware 19804 and is available for inspection during regular office hours. Copies are also published online at the Register of Regulations website:
1.1 These regulations are authorized pursuant to 3 Del.C. §10171 and 29 Del.C. §4815(b)(3)c 4815(b)(4)c. which established a Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board (hereinafter “the Board”) and Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Fund (hereinafter “the Fund”).
1.2 The Delaware Jockeys’ Health and Welfare Benefit Board shall consist of 1 member of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, 1 member from the licensed agent under Chapter 1010 of Title 3 or Chapter 4 of Title 28, 1 member of the Delaware Horsemen’s Association, 1 representative from the organization that represents the majority of the jockeys who are licensed and ride regularly in Delaware, and 2 jockeys who are licensed and ride regularly in Delaware. The Chairman of the Thoroughbred Racing Commission shall serve as an ex officio member, and vote on matters in the event of a tie vote on any issue. All members shall be appointed by the Thoroughbred Racing Commission, and shall serve a two year term. The Jockey was receiving health insurance coverage as a retired jockey provided by the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission’s Jockey’s Health and Welfare Benefit Board health insurance plan with the Jockey’s Guild on January 1, 2006 December 31, 2016; or
2.2 An active jockey, a retired jockey and/or the an eligible disabled jockey’s family who meets the eligibility requirements of either an active Delaware jockey, a retired Delaware jockey, or a disabled Delaware jockey’s family will be entitled to health coverage for one year beginning on the first day of the month after it can be determined calendar year following the year the eligibility requirements has have been met, and continuing until December 31st of the next calendar year.
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