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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsMarch 2015

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Delaware Health and Social Services ("Department") / Division of Social Services initiated proceedings to amend the Division of Social Services Manual (DSSM) regarding the Child Care Subsidy Program, specifically, Child Support Policies and Procedures. The Department's proceedings to amend its regulations were initiated pursuant to 29 Delaware Code Section 10114 and its authority as prescribed by 31 Delaware Code Section 512.
The Department published its notice of proposed regulation changes pursuant to 29 Delaware Code Section 10115 in the January 2015 Delaware Register of Regulations, requiring written materials and suggestions from the public concerning the proposed regulations to be produced January 31, 2015 at which time the Department would receive information, factual evidence and public comment to the said proposed changes to the regulations.
45 CFR §98.1, Goals and purposes
45 CFR §98.20, A child's eligibility for child care services
DSSM 11003.4, Cooperating with Child Support RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.2, Sanctions for Child Support Non Cooperation RESERVED
DDSM 11003.4.3, Curing Child Support Sanctions RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.4, Good Faith Determination RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.6, Fair Hearings RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.7, Child Support Enforcement Procedures RESERVED
DSSM11004.2.1, Conducting the Interview
DSSM 11004.11, Review/Determination
SCPD endorses the proposed regulation. The Child Care Subsidy Program is an important support service for individuals enrolled in vocational training or engaging in employment. Council has only one minor recommendation. Section 11004.11 refers to a six month interim report. SCPD did not identify any other references to a 6-month report within Chapter 11000. DSS may wish to assess whether the 6-month report is still current practice. If it is, the Division may wish to revise the following sentence: "Only child care/food benefit cases will receive an interim report." SCPD suspects that the word "receive" should be "require".
Agency Response: To clarify that the six-month interim report is current practice, DSS inserted the DSSM section number (DSSM 9068.1) as reference in Section 11004.11 and changed the word "receive" to "require". We further clarified the seventh paragraph of Section 11004.11 by inserting the title of the section (Prioritizing Service Needs). DSS appreciates and thanks both councils for the endorsement.
11003.4 Cooperating with Child Support RESERVED
11003.4.2 Sanctions for Child Support Non Cooperation RESERVED
11003.4.3 Curing Child Support Sanctions RESERVED
11003.4.4 Good Faith Determination RESERVED
11003.4.6 Fair Hearings RESERVED
11003.4.7 Child Support Enforcement Procedures RESERVED
A. an An evaluation of parents/caretakers need for child care services (see Section 11003);
B. a A determination of financial eligibility as needed;
C. an An assessment of the family's child care needs as well as the needs of the child(ren) children to be placed in care;
E D. an An explanation of the available types of child care; the choices parents/caretakers have regarding these provider types; the various provider requirements regarding licensure, possible co-pays, health, and safety, including record of immunization; and required child abuse and criminal history checks;
F E. an An explanation of DSS payment rates and parent fee scale, including a discussion of how fees are assessed, where fees are to be paid, what happens if the fee is not paid, and how parents/caretakers are to keep DSS informed of changes that affect fees;
G. F an An explanation of parents/ caretakers rights and responsibilities;
H. G. completion Completion of the Application for Child Care Assistance, and as applicable completion of the Child Care Authorization and the Child Care Payment Agreement form; and
I. H. verification Verification of appropriate information establishing need and income.
Close the child care case if parents/caretakers fail to complete a review or return the six month interim report [(See DSSM 9068.1 12-Month Certification Periods)]. Only child care/food benefit cases will [receive require] an interim report. If the parents/caretakers provide good cause for their failure to complete or return the report, the case should be processed.
1. Illness Illness;
2. court Court required appearance;
3. a household Household emergency (fire, heating problem, family crisis, etc.);
4. lack Lack of transportation; or
5. bad Inclement weather.
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