Statutory Authority: 16 Delaware Code, Section 6717(b) 16 Del.C. §6717(b)


The Delaware State Fire Prevntion Commission has adopted the Policy For The Complaint Investigation and Resolution Process, which lists the procedures for handling complaints that are considered in the incident review process and complaints referred to the Commission for Hearing. The policy was adopted and effective on November 9, 2004 at the regularly scheduled Commission meeting held at the Delaware State Fire Prevntion Commission, 1463 Chestnut Grove Road, Dover, Delaware 19904.


Policy For The Complaint Investigation and Resolution Process


Can be from any source.

Should include name of provider or unit number, date and time of incident, details of complaint, and destination hospital if any.

The medical director reviewing the complaint will review the concern, contact any persons if needed, do an investigation and may;

Close the case.

Develop an investigation report and discuss about further action.

Closing the Case

Refer the complaint to the fire chief or organization administrator.

Speak with and educate the provider

File report with State EMS Medical Director, BLS Medical Director, and Commission.

Investigative Report and Discussion

For those incidents which may require further action.

Discuss with Commissioner(s), State Medical Directors, Deputy Attorney General and, if needed, the Fire Chief

Disposition can be;

Resolution Without Hearing

Commission Hearing

Incident Review

Referral To Resolution Without Hearing

The case may be referred to a resolution meeting.

The resolution meeting shall include the following;

At least one Medical Director


Jurisdictional Chief Officer

Administrator for employing agency if different from Juristictional Chief Officer

All information provided during the meeting can be used in future hearings if needed.

A resolution may be agreed upon by all parties involved and the issue resolved without a hearing. A summary report and copy of the resolution signed by all involved will be sent to the State EMS Medical Director and Commission.

If no resolution is found, the case may be referred to commission hearing, incident review, or closed.

Referral To The Commission For Hearing

A case may be referred to the Commission for hearing if the Medical Director feels that there may be need for action to be taken against the provider’s certification.

If the case is referred to the Commission for hearing, no incident review is to be performed.

The following will be notified in the event that a case is referred to the Commission for Hearing;



State EMS Medical Director

Chief or Administrative Officer for Employing Agency

The Commission will hear the case at hearing and make any recommendations for action.

The hearing will be briefly summarized including the recommendation, for the public record.

Incident Review

Is indicated for those incidents that the medical director feels need further investigation but anticipates can be resolved without referral to the commission for further action against the provider’s certification.

Is a formal review regarding concerns over patient care and/or provider conduct, or which is part of a larger systems issue that directly impacts patient care.

Complaints can be anonymous. In the event that they are anonymous, the name should still be provided for incident review committee contact but will be kept anonymous from the provider in question or the record. All complaints will be independently verified prior to incident review.

The incident review committee shall include the following,

At least one Medical Director


Jurisdictional Chief Officer

Administrator for employing agency if different from Jurisdictional Chief Officer

The contents of the incident review will be kept confidential as per Delaware State Law.

The Incident Review Committee will make a final recommendation.

This recommendation will be filed in writing with the Commission and State EMS Medical Director.

8 DE Reg. 1326 (3/1/05)