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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsJanuary 2016

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24 DE Admin. Code 2700
The Delaware Board of Professional Land Surveyors, in accordance with 24 Del.C. §2706(a)(1), has proposed revisions to its rules and regulations. The proposed revisions to the Rules and Regulations are intended to eliminate the continuing education ethics requirement. The Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed rule changes on January 21, 2016 at 8:30 a.m., Second Floor Conference Room A, Cannon Building, 861 Silver Lake Blvd., Dover, DE 19904. Written comments should be sent to Flora Peer, Administrator of the Delaware Board of Professional Land Surveyors, Cannon Building, 861 Silver Lake Blvd., Dover, DE 19904.
1.1 Pursuant to 24 Del.C. Ch. 27, the Delaware Board of Professional Land Surveyors ("the Board") is authorized to, and has adopted, these Rules and Regulations. The Rules and Regulations are applicable to all Professional Land Surveyors and applicants to the Board.
“Combined Office and Field Experience” - is defined as being multi-faceted experience in responsible charge of land surveying projects, performed under the direct supervision of a professional land surveyor in the active practice of land surveying. The office aspect of this experience shall include the technology relevant to civil drafting, mathematical calculations necessary for subdivision, boundary and right-of-way determinations, road, stormwater, sediment and erosion control, and sewer design as well as the interpolation of field-run topographical data and the like. Office experience should also include applied familiarity with land development submittal and approval processes.
“Direct Supervision” - applies to one duly licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and only a licensee may provide direct supervision. The physical presence of a PLS on every type of surveying project is not required. There are, however, times when a site visit is necessary to make important decisions involving boundary retracements, property line disputes, etc.
Related Science Curriculum – are those courses of study for which one-third of the required core courses are the same or similar as those required for a Baccalaureate Degree Program in Surveying. These core courses may include but are not limited to Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Calculus, General Physics and Computer Programming.
Responsible Charge” - shall mean the direct control and personal direction of the investigation, operation and execution of land surveying work requiring initiative, and professional skill and independent judgment as a party chief or survey manager. An individual in responsible charge shall be under the direct supervision of a Delaware licensed professional land surveyor.
“Surveying Curriculum” - For the purpose of these regulations, the term "Surveying Curriculum" will mean any approved curriculum for a Baccalaureate Degree in Surveying as it is accepted by the institution bestowing the said degree. This curriculum shall necessarily include but not be limited to courses in Surveying, Advanced Surveying, Legal Principles of Surveying, Data Adjustment, Subdivision Planning and Layout, Route and Construction Surveying, Engineering and Geodetic Astronomy, Topographic Surveying and Cartography and/or those other studies required by the institution where the degree is earned.
The Application Form for those seeking licensure under 24 Del.C. Ch. 27 shall be reviewed every five years. Section 2706 (a)(2).
For the required National Examination for licensure under 24 Del.C. Ch. 27, the Board adopts the two-part examination developed by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), consisting of the Principles and Practice of Surveying Examination and the Fundamentals of Surveying Examination, as amended from time to time (then in effect at time of examination). Section 2706(a)(3).
10.1.2 Retired Licensees. Licensees 62 years old and over who are retired (working less than 20 hours weekly) shall need only twelve (12) PDHs, including one ethics and professionalism PDH, each biennium to satisfy the professional development requirements outlined herein. A total of four (4) PDHs may be obtained by online courses each biennium. The required one ethics and professionalism PDH must be obtained by attending a live seminar and cannot be taken online.
10.32 Sources of Credit. In reviewing and approving applications for PDHs, the Board shall take into consideration:
10.32.1 Program Content: Courses must cover land surveying topics and must directly contribute to accomplishment of the primary purpose of continuing education, which is to help assure that licensees possess the knowledge, skills and competence necessary to function in a manner that protects and serves the public interest. The knowledge or skills taught must enable licensees to better serve surveying clients and the subject matter must be directly related to the land surveying practice. All educational courses and their instructors, both live and online, must be approved by the Board except for those courses sponsored or offered by surveying societies located in any state or United States territory, including the District of Columbia. Courses that are sponsored or offered by surveying societies located in any state or United States territory, including the District of Columbia, will receive automatic approval and do not require Board review and approval.
10.32.2 Instruction: The course must be one that will be conducted by a qualified instructor. Instructors must submit a complete resume with the PDH course approval request.
10.32.3 Examples of acceptable topics include but are not limited to:
10.32.4 Serving as a member of a committee or a board or a commission, which has as its primary duty the preparation or grading of written tests which are given for the purpose of determining the proficiency of an applicant for registration, using accepted test development principles, shall be counted as one (1) PDH per hour of attendance.
10.32.5 Attendance at workshops or seminars, which are directly related to land surveying, shall count as one (1) PDH per actual hour of classroom attendance. Such sessions must be planned in advance, a record must be maintained describing the content and a record of attendance must be kept. This may include society meetings in which educational programs are presented.
10.32.6 The active teaching of land surveying at the college level, within the immediate preceding biennium, shall be counted as eight (8) PDHs per year. No more than sixteen (16) PDHs shall be issued for teaching at the college level in any renewal period. CREDIT WILL NOT BE GIVEN TO FULL TIME EDUCATORS.
10.32.7 Teaching a workshop or seminar, which is directly related to land surveying or professional development, shall be counted as two (2) PDHs per actual hour of teaching time, not to include preparation. No more than eighteen (18) PDHs may be claimed in any 2-year period. CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR ONLY ONE PRESENTATION IN A TWO-YEAR PERIOD.
10.32.8 College level courses directly related to land surveying or professional development shall be counted as 40 PDH per credit hour. Ten (10) PDHs will be counted for each CEU (continuing education unit) earned.
10.32.9 Presentation and/or publication of a professional paper will be counted as 10 PDHs. No more than 20 PDHs may be claimed in any biennium renewal.
10.43 Renewal Credit.
10.43.1 Each licensee applying for renewal shall attest to satisfying the continuing education requirements outlined in Rule 10.1, and 10.2, and 10.3 in the period defined in Section 10.1 of these rules.
10.43.2 Licensees should retain their PDH files and records for at least five (5) years.
10.54 Pro-Rated Credits for Renewal. A licensee for renewal shall follow the following schedule of reporting PDH credits:
10.54.1 If, at the time of renewal, you have been licensed for less than one year, NO continuing education is required.
10.54.2 If, at the time of renewal, you have been licensed for more than one year, but less than two years, half (12 PDHs) is required, including one ethics and professionalism PDH. A total of four (4) PDHs may be obtained by online courses. The required one ethics and professionalism PDH must be obtained by attending a live seminar and cannot be taken online.
10.54.3 If, at the time of renewal, you have been licensed for two or more years, the full amount (24 PDHs) is required, including two ethics and professionalism PDHs. A total of eight (8) PDHs may be obtained by online courses. The required two ethics and professionalism PDHs must be obtained by attending a live seminar and cannot be taken online.
10.65 Renewal. Any licensee who has submitted an electronic renewal form as required in Section 10.4.1 and has met all other requirements shall be granted renewal.
10.76 Audit. Each biennium, the Division of Professional Regulation shall select from the list of renewed licensees a percentage, determined by the Board, which shall be selected by random method. The Board may also audit based on complaints or charges against an individual license, relative to compliance with continuing education requirements.
10.87 Documentation and Audit by the Board. When a licensee whose name or number appears on the audit list applies for renewal, the Board shall obtain documentation from the licensee showing detailed accounting of the various PDHs claimed by the licensee. Licensees selected for random audit are required to supplement the attestation with attendance verification. The Board shall attempt to verify the PDHs shown on the documentation provided by the licensee. The Board shall then review the documentation and verification. Upon completion of the review, the Board shall decide whether the licensee's PDHs meet the requirements of these rules and regulations. The licensee shall sign and seal all verification documentation with a Board approved seal.
10.98 Board Review. The Board shall review all documentation requested of any licensee shown on the audit list. If the Board determines the licensee has met the requirements, the licensee's certificate of registration shall remain in effect. If the Board initially determines the licensee has not met the requirements, the licensee shall be notified and a hearing may be held pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act. This hearing will be conducted to determine if there are any extenuating circumstances justifying the apparent noncompliance with these requirements. Unjustified noncompliance of these regulations shall be considered misconduct in the practice of land surveying, pursuant to 24 Del.C. §2712. The minimum penalty for unjustified noncompliance shall be a letter of reprimand and a $250.00 fine.
10.109 Noncompliance – Extenuating Circumstances. A licensee may request an extension and be given up to an additional twelve (12) months to make up all outstanding required PDHs providing he/she can show good cause why he/she was unable to comply with such requirements and provided the statement is received and reviewed by the Board prior to the licensee renewing their license. The licensee must state the reason for such extension along with whatever documentation he/she feels is relevant. The Board shall consider requests such as extensive travel outside the United States, military service, extended illness of the licensee or his/her immediate family, or a death in the immediate family of the licensee. The written request for extension must be received and reviewed by the Board prior to the licensee renewing their license. The Board shall issue an extension when it determines that one or more of these criteria have been met or if circumstances beyond the control of the licensee have rendered it impossible for the licensee to obtain the required PDHs. A licensee who has successfully applied and received Board approval for an extension under this paragraph shall make up all outstanding hours of professional development within the extension period approved by the Board.
10.110 Appeal. Any licensee denied renewal pursuant to these rules and regulations may contest such ruling by filing an appeal pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Act.
10.121 A member of the active duty military, National Guard or the military reserve who is assigned to a duty station or deployed shall be deemed to have completed one hour of professional development for each month of active duty service.
12.1 The Board is required under Sections 2701 and 2112(a)(9) to establish minimum technical standards for licensees. The purpose of these standards is to establish minimum technical criteria to govern the performance of surveys when more stringent specifications are not required by other agencies or by contract. Further, the purpose is to protect the inhabitants of this state and generally to promote the public welfare. The Board also established minimum standards for Mortgage Survey Plans (MSPs), and other types of work, frequently performed by licensees in portions of the state.
In connection with the purchase or survey of the property located at ________________, I have waived having all the corner markers set and have requested the preparation of a Mortgage Survey Plan (MSP).
Part of the licensure process for applicants under 24 Del.C. Ch. 27 includes a requirement that the applicant not have a criminal conviction record, nor pending criminal charges relating to an offense, the circumstances of which substantially relate to the practice of land surveying. The Board shall review the information provided on the Application Form relating to this issue to determine if the applicant's criminal history record is substantially related to the practice of land surveying. Section 2708(a)(6).
15.1 24 Del.C. §2709 requires the Board to grant reciprocal licenses to applicants presenting proof of current licensure in good standing in another state, the District of Columbia, or territory of the United States, whose standards for licensure are "substantially similar" to Delaware standards.
17.1.1 Menacing. 11 Del.C. §602
17.1.18 Manslaughter. 11 Del.C. §632
17.1.46 Theft. 11 Del.C. §841
17.1.59 Bribery. 11 Del.C. §881
17.1.81 Bribery. 11 Del.C. §1201
17.1.100 Harassment. 11 Del.C. §1311
17.1.104 Adulteration.11 Del.C. §1339
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