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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsJanuary 2015

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45 CFR §98.1, Goals and purposes
45 CFR §98.20, A child’s eligibility for child care services
DSSM 11003.4, Cooperating with Child Support RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.2, Sanctions for Child Support Non Cooperation RESERVED
DDSM 11003.4.3, Curing Child Support Sanctions RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.4, Good Faith Determination RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.6, Fair Hearings RESERVED
DSSM 11003.4.7, Child Support Enforcement Procedures RESERVED
DSSM11004.2.1, Conducting the Interview
DSSM 11004.11, Review/Determination
11003.4 Cooperating with Child Support RESERVED
11003.4.2 Sanctions for Child Support Non Cooperation RESERVED
11003.4.3 Curing Child Support Sanctions RESERVED
11003.4.4 Good Faith Determination RESERVED
11003.4.6 Fair Hearings RESERVED
11003.4.7 Child Support Enforcement Procedures RESERVED
A. an An evaluation of parents/caretakers need for child care services (see Section 11003);
B. a A determination of financial eligibility as needed;
C. an An assessment of the family's child care needs as well as the needs of the child(ren) children to be placed in care;
E D. an An explanation of the available types of child care; the choices parents/caretakers have regarding these provider types; the various provider requirements regarding licensure, possible co-pays, health, and safety, including record of immunization; and required child abuse and criminal history checks;
F E. an An explanation of DSS payment rates and parent fee scale, including a discussion of how fees are assessed, where fees are to be paid, what happens if the fee is not paid, and how parents/caretakers are to keep DSS informed of changes that affect fees;
G. F an An explanation of parents/ caretakers rights and responsibilities;
H. G. completion Completion of the Application for Child Care Assistance, and as applicable completion of the Child Care Authorization and the Child Care Payment Agreement form; and
I. H. verification Verification of appropriate information establishing need and income.
1. Illness Illness;
2. court Court required appearance;
3. a household Household emergency (fire, heating problem, family crisis, etc.);
4. lack Lack of transportation; or
5. bad Inclement weather.
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