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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsFebruary 2017

Regulatory Flexibility Act Form

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14 DE Admin. Code 701
The Secretary of Education intends to amend 14 DE Admin. Code 701 Unit Count. The Department of Education reviewed this and other regulations which were four years or older as part of the 2016 Regulation Review as required by 29 Del.C. §10407. Public comment was received for this regulation in which the Department of Education was asked to include language that provides more control over how local education agencies use the units they receive. The Department cannot mandate the requested change. Therefore, the regulation is being readopted in its original form.
3.1.3 Districts and Charter Schools enrolling an intra-state transfer student during the last 10 school days of September during which students are required to be in attendance shall first determine if the student is currently obligated under a choice agreement or first year charter agreement before enrolling the student. If said obligation exists, “good cause” pursuant to 14 Del.C. §402 and §506(d) respectively must be determined before the receiving district/charter school can enroll the student. Districts and charter schools enrolling an in state transfer student during the last 10 school days of September shall notify the student's previous district or charter school of such enrollment no later than the last student attendance day of September. The notification shall be by fax with a follow up letter to the previous district/charter school’s unit count coordinator’s office. The notification shall be clearly labeled Unit Count Transfer Students and include the student's name, grade, and previous school of attendance. A student enrolling with a formal notice of withdrawal from the previous district or charter school is exempted from this notification requirement. Failure to follow the notification procedure may result in including the same student in two different district or charter school enrollments and hence unit counts. If that occurs, the student will be disallowed from the receiving district or charter school’s enrollment and unit count. Copies of the fax transmittals and follow up letters shall be on file to substantiate the student's inclusion in the receiving district or charter school’s enrollment and unit count.
4.1.2 Repeating seniors who are enrolled in school for a minimum number of instructional hours defined as three traditional courses or an equivalent time in a block schedule, shall be included in the unit count provided they meet the age and residency requirements. Students in the James H. Groves In school Credit Program (14 DE Admin. Code 915.2.4) and students in the Advanced Placement Program shall be enrolled and attend at least one full credit course in their high school to be included in the unit count provided they also meet the age and residency requirements.
6.2 For unit count purposes a district shall meet the following criteria to include selected students participating in a district’s Distance Education/Twilight Program in the September 30th unit count. For purposes of this section, a Distance Education/Twilight Program shall mean a district approved credit bearing program as follows:
6.2.3 The inclusion of students with non-behavior issues and not special education in the unit count can only be included if there is not a break in educational service and they meet the entry criteria of the program and the additional criteria outlined in 6.2.4 through 6.2.11;
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