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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsFebruary 2016

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Regulatory Flexibility Act Form

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14 DE Admin. Code 775
Education Impact Analysis Pursuant To 14 Del.C. Section 122(d)
A. Type of Regulatory Action Required
B. Synopsis of Subject Matter of the Regulation
The Secretary of Education intends to amend 14 DE Admin. Code 775 New Teacher Hiring Date Reporting. This regulation is being amended to align teacher hiring date collection with annual reporting done within the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness branch of the Department of Education and as required by 14 Del.C. §1725. This regulation was published in the November Register of Regulations and because of comments received is being republished.
The purpose of this regulation is to outline the criteria and process related to new teacher hiring data collection and reporting by school districts as required by 14 Del.C. §1725 and align such with annual reporting done within the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Branch of the Department of Education.
"Contract Offer Date" shall mean the date an authorized agent or representative of the district notifies the successful candidate of the intent to hire.
"Critical Curricular Area" shall mean an area identified as a critical area by the Department of Education and approved by the State Board of Education.
"District" shall mean a reorganized school district or vocational technical school district established pursuant to Chapter 10 of Title 14 of the Delaware Code.
"Department" means the Delaware Department of Education.
"Hard to Staff Position" means a position for which school districts have the fewest qualified applicants.
"New Teacher Hiring Date" shall mean, for purposes of this regulation, the Contract Offer Date as defined herein.
"Position Availability Date" shall mean the date the district Human Resources Office knows the available position is released for a new full-time teacher hire.
"Position Title" shall mean the appropriate teaching position as offered to the teacher from the list of teacher position titles as provided in the Delaware Educator Data System (DEEDs).
"Position Type" shall mean the appropriate instructional level of the teacher or whether the teacher is in a critical curricular area Hard to Staff Position.
On or before December 1st of each year, each District shall annually submit a New Teacher Hiring Date Report an Educator Hiring Practices and Needs Report to the Department on in a format approved by the Department that includes, but is not limited to, Contract Offer Date, Position Availability Date, and Position Title Position Type, number of positions available and filled, information on Hard To Staff Positions, information on recruitment and selection processes, and information on staffing practices during the most recent hiring season(s). The Department may also require each District to enter such information on an ongoing basis into an electronic statewide information system. The report Department shall reflect the district new teacher hiring activity from the "estimated unit count" as that term is defined pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1704 until November 15th of that same calendar year review and provide information on educator hiring practices and needs, including hiring activity related to the "estimated unit count" as that term is defined pursuant to 14 Del.C. §1704, in the annual Delaware Talent Practices Report (Report). The Report is to be provided no later than March 31st of the following year.
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