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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsDecember 2013

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The Department published its notice of proposed regulation changes pursuant to 29 Delaware Code Section 10115 in the October 2013 Delaware Register of Regulations requiring written materials and suggestions from the public concerning the proposed regulations to be produced by October 31, 2013 at which time the Department would receive information, factual evidence and public comment to the said proposed changes to the regulations.
"147th Delaware General Assembly, House Bill #75, Civil Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom Act of 2013
1. In the section titled "Needy Families" on page 4: The Delaware TANF State plan is updated to specify that the TANF program affords partners in a same gender marriage the same program rights, benefits, responsibilities, obligations, and duties as afforded different gendered married partners. This revision reflects a change in Delaware law that resulted from the Civil Marriage Equality and Religious Freedom Act of 2013. This Act became effective on July 1, 2013.
2. In the section titled "Efforts to Reduce Out-of-Wedlock Births" on page 30: The Delaware TANF State plan is updated to include the Jobs for Delaware Graduates program as a means to reduce out of wedlock/teen pregnancies.
1. In the section titled "TANF Benefits Issued Via Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)" on page 37 and on page 38: Section 4004 of the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-96) requires States to include in their TANF State plans, policies and procedures instituted to ensure TANF recipients do not access TANF benefits via Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) at gambling institutions, liquor stores, or adult oriented entertainment establishments.
Agency Response: DSS thanks both Councils for their affirmation.
THEREFORE, IT IS ORDERED, that the proposed regulation to amend the Delaware Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) State Plan regarding program implementation is adopted and shall be final effective December 10, 2013.
Income and Resource Rules for Determining Need
Assessment of Barriers related to Mental Health, Substance Use, and Domestic Violence
TANF training has been incorporated into the Cash Grant training which is required for all new financial services staff. Case Management training has now been incorporated into Interviewing and Coaching training, which is required for all new staff.
The Department of Health and Social Services is the cabinet level agency designated by the State as responsible for Delaware's public assistance programs as allowed under Title IV-A of the Social Security Act. Within the Department, the Division of Social Services (DSS) administers these programs. (DSS organizational chart included as Attachment E to State Plan.)
_X_ Yes, as specified below, coverage is limited to:
_X_ No.
TN# AFDC-94-3 Approval Date 9/21/1994 Effective date 4/1/1994
_X_ Yes, as specified below:
TN# AFDC-94-3 Approval Date 9/21/1994 Effective Date 4/1/1994
a. Continued absences: [45 CFR 233.90 9(c)(1) (i) and (iii)]
b. Incapacity; [45 CFR 233.90 (c) (l) (i) and (iv) ]
TN# ES-82-5 Approval Date 8/18/1983 Effective Date 10/1/1982
Continued Absence
Upon release from incarceration, for a period not to exceed
TN #AFDC-96-2 Approval Date: Effective Date 7/1/1996
TN# AFDC-95-4
must therefore be a parent (1st degree), grandparent (2nd degree), sibling
(2nd degree), great-grandparent (3rd degree), uncle or aunt (3rd degree),
nephew or niece (3rd degree), great-great grandparent (4th degree), great-
great-great grandparent (5th degree), great-great uncle or aunt (5th degree),
or a first Cousin once removed (5th degree). The spouse of any person
TN AFDC-95-2 Approval Date: Effective Date 7-1-96
TN# AFD-95-4
Note: A child who is absent from the home as a result of a court action is not considered temporarily absent. In such cases, the assistance for the child is terminated.
TN AFDC-95-4 Approval Date: Effective Date 4-1-95
TN AFDC-95-7 Approval Date: Effective Date 1/1/1996
TN# AFDC-94-3
TN AFDC-94-3 Approval Date: 9/21/1994 Effective Date 4/1/94
The Sexual Predator Act of 1996, Senate Bill 346, was signed into law by Governor Thomas R. Carper on August 1, 1996. In recognition of the fact that illicit sexual activity between adult males and teenage girls is contributing to the high teenage pregnancy rates in Delaware and the nation, this legislation is intended to combat teen pregnancy by imposing more severe criminal sanctions on adult males who are significantly older than their victims and holding them financially accountable when children are born as a result of violations of this law.
This legislation and the cooperative agreement required by it arc part of a multi-faceted effort to combat teenage pregnancy and reform welfare in Delaware, All too often, older men prey on young, vulnerable girls. Nationally, two-thirds of the births to teenage mothers are fathered by men 20 and older. In three recent years, over 600 babies were born in Delaware to girls under 1 6 1 /2 years of age. As they are encouraged to postpone sexual activity, the State has an obligation to do all it can to prevent young girls from being exploited by adults. By creating a cooperative effort among schools, social service agencies and law enforcement to target this crime, Delaware has one more weapon in the fight against teenage pregnancy.
The Sexual Predator Act of 1996 requires the Attorney General's Office, the Department of Health and Social Services, the Department of Services to Children, Youth and Their Families, the Department of Public Instruction and law enforcement agencies statewide to establish a cooperative agreement, specifying the various roles each agency will play in making certain our laws governing unlawful sexual intercourse with minors are rigorously enforced. Senate Bill 346 also requires the Department of Public Safety, with cooperation from the above referenced agencies, to report to the Governor and the General Assembly on enforcement efforts pursuant to this Act by June l, 1998.
I. Division of Family Services. Department of Children. Youth and Their Families
II. Department of Health and Social Services
III. Department of Public Instruction
IV. Law Enforcement/Department of Justice
V. Department of Public Safety
WHEREAS, the United States of America has the highest child poverty rate of the seventeen wealthiest countries in the world; and
WHEREAS, although the State of Delaware made progress towards reducing child poverty in the 1990’s, the poverty rate in Delaware has risen since 2002; and
WHEREAS, children who live in poverty are subjected to a number of harsh realities that include, but are not limited to, a substantially greater likelihood to die from infectious diseases and to drop out of school prior to obtaining a high school diploma; and
WHEREAS, the United Kingdom reduced the child poverty rate in Great Britain from 19% in 2000 to 11% in 2006 through its commitment to reduce child poverty by 50% within ten years; and
WHEREAS, the States of Connecticut, California, and Minnesota, as well as the cities of New York and Milwaukee, have made similar commitments to reduce the child poverty rate by 50% within ten years; and
WHEREAS, the State of Delaware recognizes the moral and economic interest in reducing child poverty, and appreciates the productivity that would result from a substantial decrease of child poverty in Delaware.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, RUTH ANN MINNER, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Delaware, do hereby declare and order as follows:
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