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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsAugust 2014

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14 DE Admin. Code 401
A. Type of Regulatory Action Required
B. Synopsis of Subject Matter of the Regulation
The Secretary of Education intends to amend 14 DE Admin. Code 401 Major Capital Improvement Programs. This regulation amendment eliminates the Voluntary School Assessment Section. A new regulation, 415 Voluntary School Assessment, is being proposed.
Persons wishing to present their views regarding this matter may do so in writing by the close of business on or before September 5, 2014 to Tina Shockley, Education Associate, Regulation Review, Department of Education, at 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, Delaware 19901. A copy of this regulation is available from the above address or may be viewed at the Department of Education business office.
1.1.1 The Secretary of Education shall may annually review the current cost per square foot for construction and make needed necessary adjustments as required.
1.1.2 Projects may be considered together to form a single Major Capitol Capital Improvement Project. However, the consolidated consolidation of major capital projects should be a consolidation of projects at for one location.
Certificate of Necessity”: A document issued by the Department of Education which certifies that a construction project is necessary and sets the scope and cost limits for that project. The Certificate of Necessity authorizes the school district to: 1.) Hhold a referendum for the Major cCapital construction Improvement pProgram identified; 2.) A and authorizes the school district to sell bonds to pay the local portion of the capital program in the event of a successful referendum; and 3.) Levy and collect local taxes to service the debt on the capital bonds sold.
Certificate of Occupancy: A document issued by a local code enforcement official/office attesting that a Ffacility meets building codes and is fit for human occupancy.
Change Orders: Documents which that change the construction contract and are negotiated between the owner and contractor in order to correct design omissions, address unforeseen circumstances which arise during the construction process, and improve upon designs based on project progress.
Design Development Plans: Design documents that denote mechanical functions, placement of windows and doors, pedestrian traffic circulation both interior and exterior, utilities, service areas and structure. Design development documents are at a 40% to 60% completion stage.
Educational Specifications: A document which explains how the educational spaces relate to the educational programs as well as the requirements of an educational Ffacility to house and implement the educational philosophy and institutional program.
Facility: Long lived capital assets to include but not limited to school buildings; athletic buildings; athletic fields and appurtenances; playgrounds; maintenance, operations and storage structures; office buildings and all other buildings and capital assets associated with the operation and management of a school district and/or school system.
Final Construction Plans”: Plans that show the complete Ffacility design including mechanical, electrical, water, sewer, site plans, storm water conveyance and structural systems, complete bid documents and specifications.
Schematic Design Plans”: Documents that present a proposed Ffacility in its earliest stages denoting the approximate size and relationship of areas to each other. Detailed utilities or mechanical functions are not typically shown at this stage.
Signed and Sealed Plans”: Plans that have the architect's and/or engineer's professional seal and signature affixed.
42.0 Certificates of Necessity
42.2 Certificates of Necessity shall be obtained sufficiently in advance to meet all prerequisites for the holding of a local referendum and shall be issued only at the written request of the local school district. The Certificate of Necessity shall be quoted in the advertisement for the referendum.
42.3 Projects proposing the construction of a new Ffacility or for an addition to an existing Ffacility shall be issued a separate Certificate of Necessity. Funds issued for the construction of a new Ffacility or for an addition to an existing Ffacility shall not be transferred between projects or to projects in a separate Certificate of Necessity.
42.4 Additions to existing Ffacilities that are done in connection with other renovations may be issued a single Certificate of Necessity. However, when such a multiple project Certificate is issued, it shall identify each Ffacility in the program and describe the work to be done at that Ffacility including the dollar amount for that work. Funds may be transferred between projects issued under the same Certificate of Necessity in accordance with 8.0 below.
42.5 The Office of Education Facilities Planning, Construction and Operations The Department of Education will complete the final Certificates of Necessity and forward the Certificate of Necessity to the local school district superintendent for his/her signature.
42.6 A copy of the final Certificate of Necessity will be returned to the district within ten (10) working days following final approval by the Department of Education.
23.0 Procedures for Approval of a Site for School Construction
23.1 Local school districts shall notify the Department of Education by letter to schedule a site review when they propose to purchase a site for school purposes; or when they propose to use a currently owned site for school purposes; or when they propose to obtain a site through donation, gift or condemnation.
23.2 The local school board shall forward all prospective sites to the Office of State Planning Coordination for consideration and comment through Planning Land use Service (PLUS) review process.
23.3 The acquisition of lands for school construction shall comply with 29 Del.C. §7525.
34.0 Approval of Educational Specifications, Schematic Design Plans, Design Development Plans, and Construction Drawings Educational Specifications shall be approved by the local school board and forwarded to the Department of Education for informational purposes. The Department may provide comments on Educational Specifications at its discretion.
34.2 All Schematic Design Plans, Design Development Plans and Final Construction Drawings shall be approved by the local school board and the Department of Education. The Department of Education requires one set of Schematic Design Plans each, including a signed and sealed Final Construction Drawings and specifications.
3.54.3 The local school district must involve all applicable State, Local and Municipal regulatory agencies in reviewing Final Construction Drawings prior to the start of construction. Copies of all applicable State, Local and Municipal agency approvals shall be maintained in the local school district construction files. Required State agency approvals include but may not be limited to: Fire Marshal to review the plans for fire safety. Division of Public Health, Bureau of Environmental Health, Sanitary Engineering for Sswimming Ppools, and the County Health Unit for information on Kkitchens and Ccafeterias. Division of Facilities Management, Chief of Engineering and Operations for compliance with building codes. Delaware Department of Transportation for review of the Site Plan showing entrances and exits as well as required transportation infrastructure improvements. Architectural Accessibility Board to ensure that the build environment is safely accessible to, and usable by all persons. Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control for wastewater, storm water management and erosion control.
3.64.4 Exemptions: Major Capitol Projects that do not include structural changes or wall modifications such as, but not limited to, window replacement, HVAC, electrical or plumbing infrastructure upgrades do not require submission to the Department of Education.
5.0 Notification, Start of Construction, and Completion of Construction, and Certificate of Occupancy
5.1 The local school district shall submit to the Department of Education and the Director, Office of Management and Budget a construction schedule, showing start dates, intermediate stages and final completion dates.
5.2 The local school district shall notify the Department of Education, the Director, Office of Management and Budget and the Insurance Coverage Office at the completion of the construction, which is defined as when the school district, with the concurrence of the architect, accepts the Ffacility as complete,. Completion means that the following have occurred: punch-list items are resolved, release of liens has been received and funds held in retainage have been released.
5.3 The local school district shall record capital assets (buildings) in accordance with the State of Delaware Capital Asset Budget and Accounting Manual which requires capital assets (buildings) to be recorded when the asset is ready for its intended use. As an example, the capital asset (building) should be recorded when it has received an occupancy certificate or the building is ready for its intended use.
5.4 The local school district shall notify the Department of Education, the State Auditor, and the Director, Office of Management and Budget upon approval of the Certificate of Occupancy.
All purchase orders for any Major Capitol Improvement Project shall be approved by both the Department of Education and the Assistant Chief of Fiscal & Policy Analysis for Capital Projects Office of Management and Budget prior to submission to the Division of Accounting.
7.21 All Change Orders must be agreed upon by the architect, the local school district board and the contractor, and shall be forwarded to the Department of Education.
7.21.1 Submission of a Change Order must include the following documents: Completed A completed purchase order as applicable; local school board of education minutes identifying and approving the changes; completed AIA document G701, and correspondence which gives a breakdown in materials mark-up and other expenses.
8.1 School districts may request Tthe transfer of funds between projects during the bidding and construction process shall be only by written request by the district in writing to the Department of Education. Acceptability of the transfer of funds will meet the following criteria:
Effective July 1, 2010, all playgrounds constructed or renovated pursuant to a major capital improvement project shall comply with the most current editions of: Tthe American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) Designation F-1487 and Tthe Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) Publication Number 325.
The principle principal administrator of a new school may be hired for up to one (1) year prior to student occupancy to organize and hire staff. The State portion of salary and benefits may be paid from Major Capital Improvement Programs.
12.1 The funds generated as a result of the Voluntary School Assessment, as authorized by the provisions of 14 Del.C. §103(c) relating to land use planning and education, shall be applied exclusively to offsetting the required local share of major capital construction costs.
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