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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsAugust 2014

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A. Type of Regulatory Action Required
B. Synopsis of Subject Matter of the Regulation
The Secretary of Education intends to propose a new regulation related to 14 DE Admin. Code 415 Voluntary School Assessment. The Voluntary School Assessment was removed from 14 DE Admin. Code 401 Major Capital Improvement Programs. The Department of Education proposes this regulation to further delineate the process related to Voluntary School Assessment.
Persons wishing to present their views regarding this matter may do so in writing by the close of business on or before September 5, 2014 to Tina Shockley, Education Associate, Regulation Review, Department of Education, at 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, Delaware 19901. A copy of this regulation is available from the above address or may be viewed at the Department of Education business office.
1.1 The funds generated as a result of the Voluntary School Assessment, as authorized by the provisions of 14 Del.C. §103(c) relating to land use planning and education shall be applied exclusively to offsetting the required local share of major capital construction costs.
Building Valuation Data” means the average construction costs as published biannually by the International Code Council, which can be used for determining permit fees for a jurisdiction.
Certificate of Necessity” means the document issued by the Department of Education which certifies that a construction project is necessary and sets the scope and cost limits for that project. The Certificate of Necessity authorizes the school district to hold a referendum for the Capital Improvement Program identified and authorizes the school district to sell bonds to pay the local portion in the event of a successful referendum.
Certificate of Occupancy” means the document issued by a local code enforcement official/office attesting that a facility meets building codes and is fit for human occupancy.
Change Orders” means the documents that change the construction contract and are negotiated between the owner and contractor in order to correct design omissions, address unforeseen circumstances which arise during the construction process, and improve upon designs based on project progress.
Equalization Report” means the report issued per 14 Del.C. §1707(i), which recommends formula adjustments for funding allocations that are intended to equalize tax-base disparities, driven by land values, amongst local school districts.
Gross Area” means the calculated square footage of a residential unit.
International Code Council” means the nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures.
Program Capacity” means eighty-five (85) percent of the maximum number of students that a program or school can contain as determined solely by considerations of physical space, physical space and class size for each grade level, as identified in 14 Del.C. §405(c).
School Capacity” means the calculation which determines the number of students that can be served within a school building, as determined by the Department of Education school construction formula.
School Capacity Certification” means the certification made by any local school district to be impacted by a pending development, which identifies the existence of capacity within existing district infrastructure, or lack thereof.
School Construction Technical Assistance Manual” means the document that identifies the school construction formula and provides local school districts with guidance and rules related to school construction.
Voluntary School Assessment” means the fee assessed on new residential construction units in New Castle County and its municipalities to provide support for the construction of additional capacity within local school districts, for increased student growth that results from residential development.
3.1 Prior to a developer recording a residential subdivision plan per 9 Del.C. §2661, and for over 5 units in size for any lands annexed into any municipality located in New Castle County per 22 Del.C. §842(2), the developer shall request from the Department of Education a School Capacity Certification to ensure that the school district in which the development will be located has adequate capacity to accommodate the proposed number of students the development will incur. The Department of Education shall also verify with the municipality located in New Castle County or New Castle County all the necessary information regarding the development to include location; tax parcel number of the development; and number and type of residential units.
4.1.2 The local share calculated above shall then be multiplied by 0.5 (statewide average children per household as per 14 Del.C. §103(c)(3)) to determine the final individual rate for each school district.
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