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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsAugust 2013

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Education Impact Analysis Pursuant To 14 Del.C. Section 122(d)
A. Type of Regulatory Action Required
B. Synopsis of Subject Matter of the Regulation
The Secretary of Education seeks the consent of the State Board of Education to add a new regulation to be identified as 14 DE Admin. Code 917 Accelerated Academic Programs. Senate Bill 27 of the 147th General Assembly created a new program of start-up grants to public schools for the purpose of initiating new programs to offer specialized educational services to students who are capable of performing accelerated academic work, or renewing existing programs of the same description whose funding sources are expiring. Senate Bill 27 expressly requires the Department of Education to promulgate regulations creating an explicit formula for evaluating proposals for these grants, and this proposed regulation is promulgated to comply with that statutory requirement. The criteria outlined in this proposed regulation are those required by Senate Bill 27.
Persons wishing to present their views regarding this matter may do so in writing by the close of business on or before September 5, 2013 to Susan Haberstroh, Department of Education, at 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, Delaware 19901. A copy of this regulation is available from the above address or may be viewed at the Department of Education business office.
Academic work means work in the areas of writing, reading, science, math, or engineering, or work in other areas (including history, social studies and visual and/or performing arts) that specifically incorporates one of those academic areas.
Accelerated academic work shall have the same meaning as “advanced academic work.”
Advanced academic work means academic work that would meet the content standard dictated by 14 DE Admin. Code 501 or its successor at least one semester earlier than anticipated by the standard. For example, a course targeted at having students meet content standards in academic work by the middle of their school year which they otherwise would not be expected to meet until the end of their school year would consist of advanced academic work.
2.1 By August 1 of each calendar year, the Department of Education shall determine if the state has allocated funds for grants under this regulation and 14 Del.C. §3113. If such grants have been allocated, the Department shall ensure that applications for such grants are delivered by September 1 of the same calendar year to each public school in the state.
2.4 Grants under this regulation and 14 Del.C. §3113 shall be for a one-year period. Absent some affirmative showing by the Department as to why a grant awarded under this regulation should not be renewed, it will be renewed for a second year to a recipient that complies with the conditions of the grant. Grants under this regulation shall not be awarded for more than two years.
2.5 Only programs that offer educational services specifically targeted at students who are capable of performing advanced academic work may receive grants under this regulation and 14 Del.C. §3113. Proposed programs may include programming in areas that are not academic work as defined by this regulation, including visual and performing arts, provided that the stated purpose of the program and effect of its curriculum is improved student performance in academic work.
2.8 Grants under this regulation and 14 Del.C. §3113 are limited to new programs and existing programs whose funding sources are expiring. Grants shall not be awarded to supplant existing funds for current programs. Any proposal for an existing program to receive funds must specify the existing funding source for the program, specify the reason that the existing funding source is expiring, and explain why the proposed grant would not be supplanting existing funds.
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