Nutrient Management

3 DE Admin Code 703Statutory Authority: 3 Delaware Code,Sections 2220, 2221 (3 Del.C. §§ 2220, 2221)


Memorandum For Record

SUBJECT: Secretary’s order adopting regulations establishing requirements for implementation of mandatory nutrient management plan reporting.

DATE: July 8, 2003

1. Brief summary of evidence and information submitted.

2. Brief summary of findings of fact with respect to the evidence and information.

3. Decision to adopt the regulations.

4. Text and citation of such regulations adopted.

5. The effective date of the Order.

703 Mandatory Nutrient Management Plan Reporting Implementation Regulations

Developed with the Guidance, Advice and Consent of

The Delaware Nutrient Management Commission


1.0 Authority

2.0 Purpose

3.0 Registration Requirement For Persons Selected For Mandatory Nutrient Management Plan Reporting Pursuant To Section 5, 72 Del. Laws, c. 60.

7 DE Reg. 160 (08/01/03) (Final)