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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsApril 2017

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12 DE Admin. Code 100, 101, 102 & 103
In compliance with the State’s Administrative Procedures Act (Title 29, Chapter 101 of the Delaware Code) and under the authority of 12 Del.C. §1132, the Delaware Department of Finance’s Office of Unclaimed Property, State Escheator, proposes to revise and replace its regulations related to its Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Law.
In accordance with 29 Del.C. §10116, persons wishing to submit written comments, suggestions, briefs, and compilations of data or other written materials concerning the proposed regulations should direct them to the following address:
Notice may also be directed via electronic mail to Any written submission in response to this notice and relevant to the proposed regulations must be received by the Department of Finance no later than 4:30 p.m. EST, Wednesday, May 3, 2017.
12 DE Admin. Code 100, Regulation on Practices and Procedures for Appeals of Determinations of the Audit Manager
12 DE Admin. Code 101, Regulation on Practice and Procedure for Establishing Running of the Full Period of Dormancy for Certain Securities and Related Property
12 DE Admin. Code 102, Regulation on Practices and Procedures for Records Examinations by the State Escheator
12 DE Admin. Code 103, Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Examination Guidelines
Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement and Audit Program, 9 DE Reg. 771 (11/01/05). Abandoned or Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Program, 10 DE Reg. 699 (10/01/06) (Final). Regulation on Practices and Procedures for Appeals of Determinations of the Audit Manager, 15 DE Reg. 1323 (03/01/12) (Final).
Delaware Code, Title 12 §1132
On January 29, 2015, the Governor of Delaware signed into law Senate Bill 11 of the148th General Assembly, which directed the Delaware Secretary of Finance to complete the development of a detailed manual containing procedural guidelines for the conduct of Delaware unclaimed property examinations.
On February 2, 2017, the Governor of Delaware signed into law Senate Bill 13 of the 149th General Assembly, which revised and updated the Delaware Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Law. Section 1176(b) directed the Secretary of Finance, in consultation with the Secretary of State, to promulgate regulations to create consistency in any examination or voluntary disclosure.
2.2 Pursuant to Rule 72(a) of the Delaware Supreme Court Rules, attorneys who are not members of the Delaware Bar may be admitted pro hac vice in an appeal in the discretion of the independent reviewer upon written motion by a member of the Delaware Bar who maintains an office in this State for the practice of law ("Delaware Counsel"). Pursuant to Delaware Supreme Court Rule 72(c), Delaware Counsel for any party shall appear in the matter for which admission pro hac vice is filed and shall sign or receive service of all notices, orders, pleadings or other papers filed in the matter and shall attend all proceedings before the independent reviewer, unless excused by the independent reviewer.
If a holder timely files a written notice of appeal with the Secretary of Finance of a determination of the Audit Manager, the Secretary of Finance shall as soon as practicable, but in no event later than 90 days after receipt, designate a qualified person to act as the independent reviewer in a particular appeal. Alternatively, the Secretary of Finance may generally designate an independent reviewer indefinitely until the authority is transferred. In either case, the Secretary of Finance shall provide written notice to the holder within 5 days regarding the appointed or generally designated independent reviewer, including address and contact information to facilitate filing under Rule 8.0.
5.0 Ex Parte Communications
5.1 No party to an appeal, or counsel to or representative of a party to an appeal, shall make or knowingly cause to be made an ex parte communication relevant to the merits of that appeal to the independent reviewer.
6.1 Generally. Unless made during a hearing or conference, including those conducted by telephone or other similar means, a motion shall be in writing, shall state with particularity the grounds therefor, shall set forth the relief or order sought, and shall be accompanied by a written brief of the points and authorities relied upon and a proposed order. All written motions shall be served in accordance with Rule 7.0, be filed in accordance with Rule 8.0, meet the requirements of Rule 9.0, and be signed in accordance with Rule 10.0. The independent reviewer may order that an oral motion be submitted in writing. No oral argument shall be heard on any motion unless the independent reviewer otherwise directs.
7.1 Service initiating an appeal. At the outset of an appeal, the notice of appeal and any accompanying papers shall be served on the Secretary of Finance, with a copy to the Audit Manager, by certified mail, return receipt requested.
22.2 Upon the filing of an appeal to the Court of Chancery, the administrative record shall be filed by the Secretary of Finance or a designee of the Secretary of Finance with the Court in accordance with Court of Chancery Rule 72.
2.1 There is no provision of Delaware law that now limits the historical period for which the State Escheator may examine records under 12 Del.C. §1155 to determine whether the person under examination has complied with any provision of 12 Del.C. Ch. 11.
2.3.1 For all persons who are now the subject of a records examination under 12 Del.C. §1155, or who become the subject of an examination before the effective date of this regulation, no records created before January 1, 1986 will be included in the determination of compliance with the provisions of 12 Del.C. Ch. 11, provided that the examination is completed by June 30, 2015.
The State Escheator is authorized under 12 Del.C. §1155 to examine the records of any person or business association or organization to determine whether the person has complied with any provision of 12 Del.C. Ch. 11 (the “Delaware Unclaimed Property Law”).
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