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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsMonthly Register of RegulationsApril 2013

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1 DE Admin. Code 708
708 Fire Department and Ambulance Company Administrative Standards
Pursuant to statutory authority: 16 Delaware Code, Section 6604(1) (16 Del.C. §6604(1)), the State Fire Prevention Commission ("Commission") issues this Final Order adopting amendments to existing regulations to make them consistent with changes in basic law, but which do not otherwise alter the substance of the regulations, as contemplated by 29 Del.C. §10113(b)(5), to correct statutory references in the Commission's Financial Audit Regulations, Chapter 1 of 1 DE Admin. Code 708, by changing each reference to 16 Del.C. §6622 to a reference to 16 Del.C. §6608.
708 Fire Department and Ambulance Company Administrative Standards
1.1 Purpose. To establish the minimum requirements related to the mandatory submission of financial audits by volunteer fire and ambulance companies in accordance with the provisions of 16 Del.C. §6622 6608.
1.2 Scope. These Regulations address the required types of audits, the reporting periods, procedures for reviewing the audits and the processes to be followed in the event a company fails to submit or submits an inadequate audit.
1.3 Application. These Regulations apply to all volunteer fire and ambulance companies and their approved subsidiaries (e.g. auxiliaries operating under the same tax identification number) in the State of Delaware and the Smyrna and Georgetown American Legion Ambulances and the Mid-Sussex Rescue Squad. These regulations do not apply to independent auxiliary organizations operating under a tax identification number that is separate from the fire or ambulance company’s number.
3.3 A fire department or ambulance company may voluntarily submit a full financial audit rather than a review level report if it chooses to do so.
4.1 Any company whose fiscal year begins on or after January 1, 2009 must file no later than six and one-half months after the close of the company’s fiscal year. Reports shall be submitted annually thereafter no later than six and one-half months after the close of the company’s fiscal year. The report due date will be calculated by the Commission based on the information provided by the volunteer fire and/or ambulance company as to the close of its fiscal year.
7.1 Where the Commission has determined, upon notice and hearing, that a fire department or ambulance company failed to file or has filed incomplete reports or audits in violation of 16 Del.C. §6622 6608, the Commission may impose a civil penalty of $100 per day beginning on the date the report or audit was due. Each day a violation continues may be deemed a separate offense in the Commission’s discretion resulting in penalties of up to $5000 per reporting. The civil penalty is in addition to any other penalties provided for in the Chapter.
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