Harness Racing Commission

Statutory Authority: 29 Delaware Code Section 4815(b)(3)b.2.D

(29 Del.C. §4815(b)(3)b.2.D)



The State of Delaware, Department of Agriculture’s Standardbred Breeders’ Fund (herein “the Fund”) hereby gives notice of its intention to adopt amended regulations pursuant to the General Assembly’s delegation of authority to adopt such measures found at 29 Del.C. §4815(b)(3)b.2.D and in compliance with Delaware’s Administrative Procedures Act, 29 Del.C. §10115. The proposed amended regulations constitute a clarification of two existing regulations. The first is an amendment which will allow a wider participation by stallions seeking to register with the Fund’s Program. The second is a clarification of the term “Satisfactory Performance Line” that was at issue in a recent Delaware lawsuit.

The Fund solicits, and will consider, timely filed written comments from interested individuals and groups concerning these proposed amended regulations. The deadline for the filing of such written comments will be thirty days (30) after these proposed amended regulations are promulgated in the Delaware Register of Regulations.

Any such submissions should be mailed or delivered to Ms. Judy Davis-Wilson, Administrator, Delaware Standardbred Breeders’ Fund whose address is State of Delaware, Department of Agriculture, 2320 South duPont Highway, Dover, Delaware 19901 by May 1, 2005.

502 Delaware Standardbred Breeders Fund Regulations

2.0 Definitions.

The following words and terms, when used in this part for purposes of the Delaware Standardbred Breeder's Fund Program, have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise. Such definitions shall not affect the use of that term by the Delaware Harness Racing Commission for purposes other than for the Breeder's Fund Program.

"Bred" means any form of insemination inside the State of Delaware by a Delaware sire, including insemination using semen transported within the State of Delaware, provided that such semen is not frozen or desiccated in any way or at any time. Bred shall also refer to foals of mares bred outside the State of Delaware by a Delaware sire through interstate semen transportation when such semen is not frozen or desiccated in any way or at any time, provided that owners of mares that produce foals from Delaware sires eligible for this program that are bred through interstate semen transportation shall not be eligible for bonuses paid to owners of mares under the Delaware Standardbred Breeder's Program set forth in Section 4 herein. A foal conceived through embryo transplantation is not eligible for nomination to the Delaware Standardbred Breeder's Program under any circumstances.

"Breeder" means the owner of the dam at the time of breeding through foaling.

"Breeding Season" is the season during which reproduction occurs and which runs from February 1st to August 1st of the calendar year.

"Delaware-bred Horse" means a Standardbred by a Delaware sire and registered with the Administrator by May15th of the yearling year.

"Delaware Resident" means a person as defined in 3 Del.C. §10032.

"Delaware Sire" means a Standardbred stallion that regularly stands for a breeding season in Delaware, does not compete for purses during that period, and is registered with the Administrator of the Breeder's Program. A Delaware sire may be: a) owned by a resident of the State of Delaware and standing the entire breeding season in the State of Delaware; or b) owned by a resident of a state other than Delaware, but standing the entire breeding season in Delaware, verified by a copy of a the lease filed with the Administrator of the Program at the time of registration for the Program, as provided in section 1.1 above; or c) owned jointly by a resident (or residents) and a non-resident (or non-residents) of Delaware and standing the entire breeding season in Delaware with the same lease requirements as in b) above. A Delaware Sire may compete for purses within the State of Delaware at any time. However, a Delaware sire may compete for purses outside the State of Delaware, or enter claiming races within or without the State of Delaware, only after the breeding season in Delaware ends. A violation of this regulation will disqualify the Standardbred stallion from being registered with the Breeders’ Program for the breeding season of the year following the violation.

“Private Treaty” No stallion participating in the Program may be offered for service under private treaty. Each stallion registered in the Program must make public the breeding fee.

“Registrant” is a horse owner, the horse owner’s agent of record or trainer of record, or the lessee of a horse.

“Satisfactory Performance Line” means the path of the Standardbred on the racetrack as charted by the licensed charter at Dover Downs and/ or Harrington Raceway during which the horse does not break stride for any reason.

6 DE Reg. 1497 (5/1/03)

8 DE Reg. 336 (8/1/04)

*Please Note: As the rest of the sections were not amended they are not being published. A complete set of the rules and regulations for the Harness Racing Commission is available at:

8 DE Reg. 1393 (4/1/05)