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Delaware General AssemblyDelaware RegulationsAdministrative Code : Title 24

404 Regulations Governing No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker

1.0 Reports After the Function

1.1 Within 30 days of the last day of the function, the member-in-charge shall submit a report to the Board that includes all information required by 28 Del.C. §1140(a).

1.2 When no function is held on a date a licensee is authorized to hold such a function, a report to that effect shall be filed with the Board.

1.3 If a licensee fails to timely file a report or if a report is not properly verified, no further license shall be issued to the licensee and any existing license shall be suspended until such time as the deficiency has been corrected.

2.0 Limitation of Texas Hold’em Tournaments

2.1 The Board interprets the phrase “with each tournament by the sponsoring organization to be held at least 75 days apart” in 28 Del.C. §1827 to mean that no sponsoring organization may conduct a subsequent tournament less than 75 days from the date of their immediately prior tournament.

12 DE Reg. 357 (9/01/08)

3.0 Re-buys

3.1 The statutory provisions of 28 Del.C. §1825 and 28 Del.C. §1826(2) do not harmonize. Consequently, the Board has determined that re-buys are optional.

11 DE Reg. 516 (10/01/07)

4.0 Application

4.1 An application must be submitted sufficiently in advance of the proposed date of the function as to allow the Board to consider the application at two consecutive board meetings before deciding whether to approve or deny the application.

12 DE Reg. 357 (9/01/08)

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